Tungsten Alloy Flipping Weight Price –May 31, 2019

tungsten alloy flipping weight picture

95%W 21.3G tungsten alloy flipping weight price is 3.90 USD/PC on May 31, 2019. The product of significant research and testing, the weight features a 97% tungsten and 3% nickel composition. Significantly harder and more compact than lead, they slip through small holes in cover more easily and help you feel everything your bait bumps into - for better bite detection. The line holes are also diamond bored for extreme smoothness so they won't fray your line, and durable, sealed paint finishes in a variety of colors help you better match the weights with your baits.


Tungsten Bullet Weight Price –May 21, 2019

tungsten bullet weight picture

95%W 7G tungsten bullet weight price is 0.60 USD/PC on May 21, 2019. Featuring durable finishes in a variety of colors to better match up with your bait selection, the bullet weight is also insert-free, and won't fray your line. The higher density of tungsten allows the weights to be much smaller and more compact, so it is less obtrusive to your lure and presentation, and can also slip through cover more easily. Tungsten is also much harder than other alternative materials, meaning you can detect strikes and feel the bottom much easier as well.


Tungsten Alloy Slip Sinker Price –Apr. 29, 2019

tungsten alloy slip sinker picture

95%W 28.4G tungsten alloy slip sinker price is 3.00 USD/PC on Apr. 29, 2019. The sinker is composed of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel alloy, making them 1.8 times as dense as lead and 40% smaller than their lead counterparts. These characteristics combined with Chinatungsten precisely designed shapes translate into easier penetration of cover and less hang-ups on bottom structure, as well as, increased sensitivity. We also use an inner core system to protect your line from frays because nobody wants to lose a big fish due to line wear from their sinker. It is available in a wide range of sizes and colors with ultimate performance.


Tungsten Alloy Fishing Sinker Price –Apr. 16, 2019

tungsten alloy fishing sinker picture

95%W 10.6G tungsten alloy fishing sinker price is 0.87 USD/PC on Apr. 16, 2019. The fishing sinker is used to increase the diving power of the bait, the anchoring force, and the throwing distance. It can be as small as 1/32oz for shallow water, or as large as a dozen ounces for deep sea fishing. They can have a variety of shapes, and environmental issues are a major concern with the use of fishing sinkers. As lead material is toxic, tungsten alloys have been increasingly used as fishing floats because of its high density, small size and environmental protection in recent years. 


Bullet Tungsten Fishing Weight Price –Apr. 8, 2019

bullet tungsten fishing weight picture

95%W 7G bullet tungsten fishing weight price is 0.60 USD/PC on Apr. 8, 2019. The bullet tungsten fishing weight is designed to penetrate structure such as matted grass, and also make flipping docks and working through wood and vegetation much easier than is possible with traditional lead weights or those of lesser tungsten content. The added sensitivity due to the increased density and hardness of tungsten also helps the angler detect more subtle bites that would otherwise be missed. It is also ultra smooth and resists chipping for long lasting color.


Tungsten Flipping Weight Price –Mar. 28, 2019

tungsten flipping weight picture

95%W 28.4G tungsten flipping weight price is 3.50 USD/PC on Mar. 28, 2019. Compared with the traditional lead fall, tungsten alloy has the following characteristics: long-type high proportion, less resistance, not easy to stuck in the stone seam or obstacles; the weight is designed to make fishing in heavy cover, flipping docks and punching weed mats much easier and increase the number of fish caught; it is Insert free to allow for greater sensitivity, and are diamond polished to ensure you get no line damage super high quality paint, very durable, chip resistant.


Tungsten Bullet Fishing Weight Price –Mar. 05, 2019

tungsten bullet fishing weight picture

95%W 8.9G tungsten bullet fishing weight price is 1.50 USD/PC on Mar. 05, 2019. Tungsten bullet weights are one of tungsten alloy fishing pendant made by rare metal of tungsten, which is the best material alternative to lead. It is made by MIM has more free geometry structure, with symmetrical density within the component, precise dimension. MIM is suitable to produce complex structure, precise small component with special requirement.


Tungsten Bullet Weight Price –Feb. 21, 2019

tungsten bullet weight picture

95%W 5.3G tungsten bullet weight price is 1.10 USD/PC on Feb. 21, 2019. Every bass angler knows the value and use of a bullet shaped weight with its ability to pull through obstructions easily, but the use of super-dense tungsten in bullet weights is relatively new. Tungsten is almost twice as dense as lead, which means you need about half as much material to make a product that weighs the same. That translates too much smaller weights, which means they will pass through obstructions that could hang up a lead or brass weight, which would be much larger.


Black Tungsten Flipping Weight Price –Jan. 29, 2019

black tungsten flipping weight picture

95%W 4.8G black tungsten flipping weight price is 0.95 USD/PC on Jan. 29, 2019. Black tungsten flipping weights have become the standard in bass fishing. Although we sell these weights cheap, our tungsten weights are the highest quality. Non-inserted and diamond polished to ensure you get no line damage. We sell our tungsten weights in bulk so you can buy as many or few pieces of the individual sizes you need.


Tungsten Flipping Weight Price –Jan. 02, 2019

tungsten flipping weight picture

95%W 7G tungsten flipping weight price is 1.15 USD/PC on Jan. 02, 2019. Flipping weights are harder and have a higher density than their lead, brass or steel counterparts. Their smaller diameters allow them to slip in and out of cover with fewer snags, and their added hardness provides increased sensitivity, helping you know exactly what’s going on at the end of your line. 100% environmentally friendly to help protect our fisheries. Available in a variety of colors.




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