Ammonium Metatungstate Price on Sep. 15th, 2017

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Ammonium metatungstate price with purity over 91.40% from Chinatungsten Online is 37.50USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, Sep. 15th, 2017.

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Ammonium Metatungstate Price on Jun. 12th, 2017

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Ammonium metatungstate price with purity over 91.40% from Chinatungsten Online is 35.60 USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, Jun. 12th, 2017.


Ammonium Tungstate Prepare Flake Nanometer Tungsten Carbide

flake nanometer tungsten carbide SEM figureflake nanometer tungsten carbide SEM figureFlake nanometer tungsten carbide can provide a large number of surface atoms and active center of reaction, which is an ideal structure of catalyst, therefore, the research about it has been attracting the attention of people all the time. Ammonium metatungstate (AMT) is an important raw material in the tungsten metallurgy industry, especially has important role in the preparation of nanometer materials, special specifications of tungsten powder, tungsten oxide powder and tungsten carbide powder. 


Ammonium Metatungstate Catalyzing Epimerization of Glucose to Produce Mannose

ammonium metatungstate photomannose molecular structure imageMannose is a kind of monosaccharide, and also a kind of hexose, wherein the most typical is the D - mannose, which exists in cells of the plants, and has very important role in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industry, as well as in the life science and other fields, it can be used in the synthesis of L – ribose and the precursor compound of shikimic acid, the medicine and chemical raw materials of mannitol, trifluoro mannose ect..


Ammonium Metatungstate Carbon Auxiliary Hydrogen Reduction Method to Prepare Nanometer Tungsten Powder

nanometer tungsten powder imagenanometer tungsten powder imageAuxiliary carbon hydrogen reduction method in this paper is adding the carbon is a small amount of carbon and tungsten oxide volatilization inhibitor in the process of hydrogen reduction, which is using the reaction between carbon and water vapor to reduce the impact of water vapor on the volatilization of tungsten oxide, and the inhibition of inhibitors on tungsten oxide volatilizing, and finally to significantly reduce the particle size of tungsten oxide, to finally get nanometer tungsten powder. 


Ammonium Metatungstate Preparing Mesoporous Tungsten Carbide Supported Metal Porphyrin Oxygen Reduction Catalyst

ammonium metatungstate powder imagemetal porphyrin structure imageMetal porphyrin complexes are the generic terms of compounds of porphyrin and metal ions, when two of maternal porphyrin pyrrole protons (N - H) is replaced by metal ions, it will form the metallic porphyrin complexes immediately. Metal porphyrin complexes is widely existing in nature, and also the organism, such as in the cytochrome, hemoglobin, chlorophyll, etc; In addition, some metal porphyrin is olefin epoxidation or hydrocarbon oxidation catalyst, and the aldehyde carbonyl catalyst, or functional materials with optical, electrical, magnetic and other properties. 


Methane Partial Oxidation and Ammonium Metatungstate Synthesizing Tungsten Carbide Supported Cobalt Nickel Catalyst

cobalt nickel catalyst imagecobalt nickel catalyst imagePartial oxidation of natural gas for preparing synthesis gas is an important intermediate link for realizing the transformation of natural gas, while the researching and development of efficient catalyst is the key. As the main component of natural gas, the new synthetic route of methane as alternative energy for manufacturing high value-added liquid chemicals and other organic chemical is attached great concerns all around the world. 




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