Tungsten Alloy Cube Vibrator Price on Nov. 07, 2018

6.35x6.35x6.35mm tungsten alloy cube vibrator price with density of 17g/cm3 is 76.00USD/KG on Nov. 07, 2018. Since the density of tungsten alloy is so high and the maximum density should be 18.6g/cm3. It is popular for the component needs great heaviness but small capacity, for example: mobile phone vibration, the vibrating parts of and clock, etc. Compared with other materials, tungsten alloy vibrators bear the advantages of accurate weight, and non-magnetism. In particular, since a motorized weight usually produces the vibrations, lighter-weight phones may have weaker vibrating mechanisms.

tungsten alloy cube vibrator price picture

tungsten alloy cube vibrator picture



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