Producing Pure Tungsten Compound Using Tungsten-containing Material

The method uses tungsten containing material including scheelite concentrate, high-calcium wolframite and its tailings, tungsten slime and refractory low-grade tungsten ore as material in producing tungsten compound. It features the addition of certain amount of aluminium oxide or aluminium salt and phosphate or oxides of phosphorus, 4-5 times leaching of ammonium paratungstate crystal obtained after the evaporation and crystallization of ammonium tungstate solution with 2-4% ammonium nitrate or ammonium chloride solution, and the precipitation of artificial white calcium tungstate from the ammonium paratungstate mother liquor and leaching liquor by adding ammonia water and sodium sulfide to regulate its basicity and then adding calcium chloride. The method has short technological process, high tungsten yield, low alkali consumption and no limit to P, Si and Ca contents in material and its product reaches the requirement of GB3457-820 to 0-level WO3 product.

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