Manufacturing Method for Copper-tungsten Alloy of a Tungsten Framework

The present invention discloses a method for producing a copper-tungsten alloy of tungsten skeleton, using a metal compound surface-coated tungsten powder particles, obtained by the H2 reducing atmosphere to the metal-coated tungsten powder; and then mixed with a pore-forming agent made of copper-free mixture of After the powder, then pressing briquettes remove pore-forming agent, and finally sintered honeycomb pure tungsten skeleton, copper infiltration, that was the formation of tungsten skeleton copper tungsten alloy. This method of manufacturing copper tungsten alloy anti-burning performance, high reliability.

A method of manufacturing a copper-tungsten alloy of a tungsten skeleton, characterized by comprising the steps of: tungsten powder particle surface of the compound of the transition metal of the cladding layer, and in a hydrogen atmosphere at 600 ~ 1000 ° C to a reduction treatment ; Then, a pore forming agent added thereto were mixed uniformly mixed pressing compacts in a mold, then removing the pore-forming agent to form a tungsten honeycomb skeleton, and in a hydrogen atmosphere at 1450 ° C ~ 1550 ° C at a temperature pre-sintered tungsten skeleton is bonded, the final copper placed on a sintered tungsten skeleton, copper infiltrated tungsten between the skeleton, the skeleton is formed of copper tungsten, a tungsten alloy; compound of a transition metal of group NiCl2.6H20 , which was dissolved in absolute ethanol to form a solution of the tungsten powder coated particles; the pore-forming agent chosen paraffin wax dissolved in a solvent to form the oil was added; the specific method of removing the pore forming agent is: the pressing the briquettes in a hydrogen atmosphere to remove the paraffin wax at a temperature of 300 ~ 500 ° C; wherein the tungsten is placed on a copper skeleton after sintering conditions: hydrogen gas atmosphere at a temperature of: 1400 ° C ~ 1550 ° C.

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