A Use of Low-grade Tungsten Waste Slag APT Regeneration Method

The invention belongs to the field of recycling of tungsten resources, in particular to a use APT (ammonium paratungstate) waste slag produced low-grade tungsten produced during regeneration APT approach.

The present invention discloses a low-grade tungsten APT waste slag regeneration APT method, by improving the traditional soda sintering process parameters to achieve, its steps are as follows:.. A abrasive and ingredients; b slag calcined; c wet. grinding and filtration;. d a double ion exchange impurity;. e evaporation and crystallization to produce APT. The present invention can reduce the waste of resources, improve resource utilization, through low tungsten APT waste slag recycling, can improve the economic efficiency of enterprises; the method according to the invention is suitable for processing WO3 grade in the range of 2-10% Low waste slag tungsten and tungsten concentrate to overcome the waste of raw materials and processing technology to match the existence of the defect, can effectively improve the recovery of tungsten, reducing environmental pollution; by practice of the invention can be extended China's tungsten resources service life, ease the current situation of supply shortage of tungsten resources, can effectively reduce waste emissions and reduce environmental pollution.

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