Trulock Gun Chokes – Using with Tungsten Alloy Shot

When it comes to selecting after-market shotgun chokes for your favorite hunting, trap, skeet or competitive gun, Trulock Chokes has offered shotgun shooters the highest quality shotgun choke tubes that guarantee increased accuracy and patterning, since 1982.

tungsten alloy shotImprovement in shotgun patterning with Trulock chokes, is nothing short of remarkable. Pattern improvements from 40-50 percent on target, can go to 80 percent plus on target! For big game, small game, upland bird/waterfowl hunters, target, and for competitive shooters, Trulock Gun Chokes deliver.

Newest introductions include,a full line of shotgun chokes for the CZ lineup of shotguns; a full assortment of new chokes for the Federal #7s; a Trulock Brn DS style; and a new 3-pack set of Waterfowl Hunting choke tubes.

What chokes do I use with tungsten alloy shot?

Tungsten Alloy Shot:

There are several different alloys available. These can vary to a large degree in their level of hardness. When using factory chokes I suggest you use nothing tighter than full choke unless it is approved for tungsten shot.

As a general rule most Trulock chokes are rated for Hevi Shot, Hevi 13, Federal Heavyweight and Winchester Hi Density tungsten alloys.

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North American Tungsten Comments on Fiscal 2012 Results

North American Tungsten ("NTC" or "the Company") announces a net loss of $9.9 million or $0.04 per share for its fiscal year ended September 30, 2012 ("fiscal 2012") compared to a net loss of $15.5 million or $0.07 per share for the prior fiscal year ("fiscal 2011").

Fiscal 2012:

    Revenue $107.5 million - up 93% from fiscal 2011
    Cash flow from operating activities $21.1 million -- improved by $33.9 million from fiscal 2011
    Underlying net income before impairment - $6.3 million or $0.03 per share, improved by $21.8 million from fiscal 2011
    Net loss $9.9 million or $0.04 per share -- is after amortization, depreciation and impairment charges of $36.1 million

Fiscal 2012 results include a $16.2 million non-cash impairment charge to write-down assets as required by IFRS accounting rules. Excluding this and other non-cash charges, including depreciation, EBITDA 1 was $30.3 million in fiscal 2012 compared to $10.3 million in fiscal 2011.


"This was a pivotal year for the Company. Investments in people and capital improvements focused on initiatives to extend the Cantung mine life and strengthen operating performance," said Stephen Leahy, CEO of NTC. "Although tungsten prices in the second half of the year were lower, investments made and actions taken delivered on our goal of developing an industry-leading tungsten mining and processing operation. I believe this will increase value to our shareholders over the longer term."

Operating highlights include:

    Tungsten concentrate production increased 22% to 273,000 metric tonne units ("MTU's") from 224,000 MTU's the previous year;
    Mine and mill operations improved and stabilized -- as evidenced by mill availability of 97.62% (2011 - 90.37%), average metallurgical recovery of 76.9% (2011 -75.3%), average daily feed tonnes of 969 (2011 --925) and total ore milled of 339,000 (2011 -- 322,000) tonnes
    Capital expenditures of $25.2 million to support operations at the Cantung mine into the long term
    Mine developments included the area below the 3700' level and also opened access to new zones, including the previously announced Amber Zone. They will also facilitate underground exploration. Exploration in and around the open pit is promising and may add low-cost tonnage.
    Copper sales increased to 807,000 (2011 -- 279,000) pounds
    The future recovery of tungsten from tonnages in tailings ponds on site is under investigation as a priority project.

Stephen Leahy continued, "We believe there is significant potential to extend the life of the Cantung mine through underground development, surface exploration and the tailings pond recovery project."


Lower demand during 2012 resulted in a reduction in tungsten APT quotations from its historical highs in 2011 of over US$450/MTU to its most recent US$300/MTU range.

Recently, market indicators have firmed. The Company anticipates improving price quotations and product demand during calendar 2013. The Company has entered into sales agreements to sell most of its anticipated fiscal 2013 production at prices which are tied to market APT prices.


Stephen Leahy reported, "To support Cantung operations and the MacTung project in the near term, the Company has entered into a letter of intent for a short term credit facility with Queenwood Capital Partners II LLC, controlled by two Directors of NTC."

Terms outlined in the letter of intent for the additional US$4.0 million short term credit facility include: interest at 12.5% per annum; maturity October 31, 2013; and security to be granted over the MacTung Property, subordinated to security previously granted.

Stephen Leahy concluded his remarks, "The Company looks forward to the future and wishes to thank its "Tungsten Team" employees for all their hard work, dedication and extra effort that have allowed us to achieve record sales this year. I also wish to thank all stakeholders, shareholders, vendors, customers and associated partners for helping us build a better Company for the future."

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Herren Signs with Elite Tungsten

Elite Series pro joins tungsten weight manufacturer
Herren signs with Elite Tungsten
Elite Tungsten has signed Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Matt Herren.

“I’m excited to be a part of Elite Tungsten” Herren said. “I use nothing but Tungsten weights when I’m fishing. Elite Tungsten weights are the best I have seen, plus they come in 6 chip-resistant colors.”

“We are excited to have a top-level Elite Series angler like Matt working with us,” said Jimmie Underwood of Elite Tungsten. “Not only is he a great angler but he’s a great person as well. We look forward to having his input on future Elite Tungsten products.”                 


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Range Rover “Dark Tungsten” by A. Kahn Design

A refreshed version of Range Rover‘s SUV has been released by International auto firm A. Kahn Design. Everything from the tire choice to the exhausts have been changed out to make this custom auto everything you were hoping for.  A custom body kit and 22 x 9 inch wheels help give this aggressive looking SUV a high end touch for the toughest of celebrity or business tastes.

Range Rovers are known for already being very luxurious and the Dark Tungsten - Dark Tungsten means its colour likes tungsten, hard and cool - takes it to the next level giving you something that will stand out anywhere you go. The $85,000 price tag puts this in the affordable super sweet car range and is ready for you to get your own. Check out some of the pictures of this ride and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.


New Tungsten Inlay Ring Featuring Rare Natural Stones and Tungsten Carbide

This Innovative Group of Jewelers Brings Earthy Dazzle to New Style of Tungsten Wedding Rings.

Tungsten Inlay Ring with natural stoneTitanium Kay announced the addition of a new Tungsten Inlay Ring collection made from natural stones and Tungsten Carbide today. The realm of wedding ring design is now unlimited due to the range of stones and new metals that are available. The inventory of designs in the new Tungsten Wedding Bands


Northcliff Resources Aims for Sisson Tungsten Project Commissioning in 2016

Shares of Northcliff Resources surged after the company released a feasibility study for its Sisson tungsten project in New Brunswick, Canada, saying the results confirmed a technically and economically "robust" tungsten and molybdenum development that is ready for next steps.

The report, done by Samuel Engineering, projected an after-tax net present value of $418 million at an 8% discount rate, an internal rate of return of 16.3% and a payback period of four and a half years.

Initial capex was pegged at $579 million, using long term metal prices of US$350/mtu for ammonium paratungstate (APT) and US$15/lb for molybdenum.

"In just two years, Northcliff has advanced Sisson from an exploration and early-stage development project to achieve this important project milestone," said president and CEO, Chris Zahovskis.

"We have significantly de-risked the project and now have one of the largest tungsten reserves outside China.

"We are confident that Sisson is on track to earn the necessary environmental and construction permits from federal and provincial regulators in 2014, and Northcliff will be pursuing partnerships with global companies interested in the Sisson Project  or tungsten off-take agreements, positioning Northcliff to achieve the financing necessary to initiate project construction in 2014 and commissioning by 2016."

Located 100 km by road northwest of Fredericton, the Sisson property hosts a 334 million tonne proven and probable mineral reserve containing 22.2 million metric tonne units (mtu) of tungsten trioxide (WO3) and 154.8 million pounds of molybdenum (Mo).

The life-of-mine plan, based on this mineral reserve, has an average net smelter return value of $26.24/t and an average NSR value over the first five years of production of $30.75/t processed.

The project will be developed as a bulk tonnage operation and based on the mine plan, Sisson will produce a total of 15.0 million mtu of tungsten and 111.3 million pounds molybdenum over 27 years of operation. Average annual production in the first five years is forecast at 689,000 mtu tungsten and 4.4 million pounds molybdenum.

Average cash costs of production are forecast at $8.18 per tonne milled or $153/mtu, net of molybdenum credits.

The company said it will undertake the "value-added" processing of tungsten concentrates produced at Sisson by constructing and operating an ammonium paratungstate plant at the project site.

The project, which can be accessed by existing highways and roads, will see power provided by the provincial power utility via a new 138 kiloVolt transmission line alongside an existing 345 kV line at an expected cost of $0.066 per kilowatt-hour.

By advancing Sisson, Northcliff aims to become one of North America's major tungsten producers, increasing supply for the large North American, Asian and European markets where demand is forecast to  outstrip  supply.


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Strategic Sourcing Essential to Avoid Procurement of Conflict Minerals

conflict minerals and tungstenMinerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold are valuable and essential for companies producing goods like consumer electronics and medical equipment. However, such products are often sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), much of which is controlled by armed groups that  force locals to work in mines without pay and commit violence against civilians. It can be extremely difficult for large companies to realize they are purchasing "conflict minerals" from these areas and supporting rebel groups, especially if they obtain the minerals through multiple suppliers and have lengthy and complex supply chains.

Conflict mineral sourcing may cost companies

It has become more difficult for businesses to procure these important components in recent months, as a provision of the Dodd-Frank Act requires companies to reveal whether they use conflict minerals from this area in their products. Businesses that use these minerals must gather information on their sourcing processes in 2013 and file it with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by May 2014.

The provision in the law requires businesses to take multiple steps when submitting information to the SEC. Companies must first reveal if they do use any raw materials that could be considered conflict minerals and then determine whether they were sourced from the DRC or a nearby area. Those firms that determine their minerals did not come from this region need to reveal what steps they took to prove their minerals aren't from war-torn regions, while those that do procure minerals from the DRC (and those that cannot determine where their minerals are from) will be required to trace their supply chains, reveal their suppliers and provide a conflict mineral report.

Strategic sourcing can stop the problem

Businesses that do currently source minerals from these areas may find continuing to do so will result in problems as increased legislation and requirements aim to limit the problem. This may cause more companies to look for ways they can alter their supply chains to avoid purchasing conflict minerals and reporting their use to the SEC. Implementing policies like strategic sourcing initiatives may help businesses procure minerals without supporting armed groups. Taking steps to improve sourcing efforts can also help a company better optimize its supply chain and ensure all suppliers and logistical operations are working together seamlessly, which can also assist cost savings efforts.


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W Resources Secures ‘Time Critical’ Cash with Tungsten Tailings Project

High flying W Resources this morning revealed it had secured ‘time critical’ financing to move forward with the La Parilla tungsten tailings project.

The AIM quoted firm, which has gained as much as 350% this month, is issuing 122mln new shares at 0.7p per share, raising £858,500.

Chairman Michael Masterman is among the investors in the placing. He has subscribed for 14.2mln new shares for a total investment of £100,000.

Last week the La Parrilla tailings project was signed off by the authorities in Spain and the company said first tungsten production would come later this year.

W Resources will process 330,000 tonnes of material each year to produce 28,000 tonnes of tungsten and 26 tonnes of tin. This is expected to generate around €7 million per year revenue, at current prices.

The company’s shares were also boosted this week by positive drill results on Monday, which showed tungsten grades three times higher than previous results.

A JORC compliant resource update is expected later this year, in the second quarter.

On AIM today W Resources shares were up 0.14p, or 11%, trading at 1.35p.


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Northcliff Shares Climbs on Strong Economics at Sisson Tungsten Project

Northcliff Resources (NCF-T) has shone a spotlight on its Sisson tungsten-molybdenum project in New Brunswick with a feasibility study yesterday confirming it could economically mine the deposit for 27 years, sending its shares climbing.


Is It D-Day for Conflict Minerals Compliance?

Raw materials are in the headlines again, and it's not for rising costs this time. Instead, electronic companies are scrambling to meet the January 31 Securities & Exchange Commission deadline for reporting on "conflict minerals" -- gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten -- that have entered the supply chain.

It isn't as simple as filling out a quick form and forgetting about it; most companies lack the information, processes, and technology needed to adhere to the new SEC reporting standard. Compliance won't be easy or cheap. According to Deloitte, "The SEC has estimated it will cost U.S. businesses between $3 billion and $4 billion to implement processes to comply with "the rule."

Right now, affected companies are asking suppliers these seemingly basic questions:

    Do you provide our company with any products manufactured with tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, or any other conflict minerals?

    If so, do you source any raw materials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or surrounding regions?

Yet, the answers are nearly impossible to find. At the heart of the problem is supplier relationship management 101. Companies have relied, for too long, on incomplete supplier data that is scattered throughout various ERP and SRM tools -- or worse, hidden away in filing cabinets. Coupled with Tier-1 and Tier-2 suppliers thousands of miles away, the biggest tech companies are disconnected from what's really going on throughout the supply chain.


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