MIT Scientists Use Tungsten and Molybdenum to Verify Nuclear Weapons

this test method may help reduce the large inventory of nuclear weapons image

Via using tungsten and molybdenum as substitutes for warheads, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have figured out a way for verifying nuclear warheads. The completion of their work by nuclear weapons inspectors can also encourage nuclear-monitoring countries to undergo inspections, thereby achieving the goal of reducing the number of nukes in the world.


US and Canada Discuss Supply of Rare Earths as China Dominates

Canada holds the ninth of the world rare earth reserves image

Rare earths, which are known as "industrial gold", have always been an integral part of modern life. Recently, the US President Donald Trump and Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have discussed the need to ensure reliable supplies of critical metals and minerals, a market currently dominated by China.


Using Rare Earth Substitution to Prepare Iron-Based Compounds Accelerates Superconductivity Research

China owns advanced superconducting maglev train technology in the world image

Using rare earth substitution method to prepare iron-based compounds has been used in superconductivity research. The iron-based superconductors are superconducting hybrid materials in which iron elements play a leading role. Iron-based superconductors are the second high-temperature superconducting system of concern after copper-based superconductors. The research on it is the hottest field of superconducting physics and China has played a key role in the development of this field globally.


Pan Asian Incident Will Be Pronounced, the Sealed Goods May Affect the Trend of Tungsten Price

Pan Asian metals image

According to Xinhua News Agency reported on July 1st, recently, the intermediate people's Court of the municipal government of the city of Liaoning Province held a public hearing on the case of the defendant unit, 4 companies of Pan Asian Nonferrous Metals Exchange, Dan Jiuliang, 21 other defendants suspected of illegal deposits from the public, and Dan Jiuliang and Yang Guohong suspected of embezzlement.


Inner Mongolia Incites Rare Earth Industry Development

Baotou Rare Earth Research and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences image

Baotou Rare Earth Research and Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' research workers are stationed in the front line of scientific research, using "hard core" technology to fuel industry development in Inner Mongolia. Using scientific and technological strength to turn every "impossible" into "possible" - President Xi's important speech at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China caused strong repercussions in the scientific and technological circles across the motherland.


Tungsten Alloy Armor-Piercing Projectiles Equipped ZTZ-99 Tank Showed at Military Parade

the tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles equipped ZTZ-99 tank showed at the military parade image

The tungsten alloy armor-piercing projectiles equipped ZTZ-99 tank showed at the military parade of the National Day. It also known as the 99-type main battle tank, the 99-type tank of the engineering code name WZ-123 is the latest main battle tank of Ground Force of the People's Liberation Army of China.


Scientists Discovered Chiral Phonons in Nano Tungsten Selenide

chiral phonons image

Tungsten diselenide nanosheet is a kind of graphene-like two-dimensional material. Its main structure is composed of a layer of selenium atoms from top to bottom connected with a layer of tungsten atoms from the middle. This material is becoming a research hotspot in the scientific community. Because scientists have found that the structure of atomic-level thin (2-D) tungsten diselenide material has a spontaneous circular rotation, i.e. pseudospin.


XTC Forms Rare earth Industrial Chain, Xiamen Promotes New Materials Industry

XTC has built a relatively complete rare earth industrial chain image

Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd (XTC) has built a relatively complete rare earth industrial chain in recent years, and Xiamen city has achieved rapid development in terms of scale, technology level and innovation capability of the new materials industry. There are more than 360 new materials companies cluster here and has formed the industrial pattern of special metal, functional materials, photoelectric information materials, advanced polymers, and composite materials, with a production value of 88.878 billion yuan, a growth rate of 14.84% in 2018.


Rare Earth within Goldschmidtite Discovered Inside A Diamond

discovery of unusual new mineral called goldschmidtite image

Mysterious mineral from earth's mantle discovered in South African diamond, which named "goldschmidtite" which contains rare earth in it. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. They shine under the illumination of light and look brighter than any other substance. This is the reason people are fascinated and crazy about it. South Africa is the world's largest exporter, and scientists have recently discovered that strange new mineral that has never been seen before.


Magnificent 70 Years of "Rare Earth Capital" - Baotou: Making Outstanding Contributions to National Defense Construction

70 years inherited Baotou from a frontier town to an industrialization city image

The "Rare Earth Capital" Baotou – is the New China's first tank, first anti-aircraft gun, first atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and nuclear fuel manufacturing place, and one-third of domestic high-speed rails are provided here. The city makes great contributions to our national defense construction.




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