XTC Forms Rare earth Industrial Chain, Xiamen Promotes New Materials Industry

XTC has built a relatively complete rare earth industrial chain image

Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd (XTC) has built a relatively complete rare earth industrial chain in recent years, and Xiamen city has achieved rapid development in terms of scale, technology level and innovation capability of the new materials industry. There are more than 360 new materials companies cluster here and has formed the industrial pattern of special metal, functional materials, photoelectric information materials, advanced polymers, and composite materials, with a production value of 88.878 billion yuan, a growth rate of 14.84% in 2018.


Rare Earth within Goldschmidtite Discovered Inside A Diamond

discovery of unusual new mineral called goldschmidtite image

Mysterious mineral from earth's mantle discovered in South African diamond, which named "goldschmidtite" which contains rare earth in it. Diamond is the hardest substance in nature. They shine under the illumination of light and look brighter than any other substance. This is the reason people are fascinated and crazy about it. South Africa is the world's largest exporter, and scientists have recently discovered that strange new mineral that has never been seen before.


Magnificent 70 Years of "Rare Earth Capital" - Baotou: Making Outstanding Contributions to National Defense Construction

70 years inherited Baotou from a frontier town to an industrialization city image

The "Rare Earth Capital" Baotou – is the New China's first tank, first anti-aircraft gun, first atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb, and nuclear fuel manufacturing place, and one-third of domestic high-speed rails are provided here. The city makes great contributions to our national defense construction.


Tungsten Resources Estimated of 18% Increase at Dolphin Project of King Island Scheelite

the Dolphin tungsten project is located near the town of Grassy near the coast of King Island image

Tungsten resources at Dolphin project located in Tasmania, Australia estimated to an Increase of 18%, according to King Island Scheelite Limited unveiled on September 26. The indicated mineral resources stood at 11.36Mt graded at 0.9% tungsten trioxide.


"Super Rare Earth" - Beryllium Discovered in Northwest China

beryllium is a vital element in numerous gemstones such as emerald image

Beryllium is honored as "super rare earth" and has been discovered in Northwest China, many people may not know much about this kind of metal, but when it comes to the well-known opal, you must be familiar with it, especially the diversified luster that is fascinating, with light changing, the cat's eye will open and close beautifully for a while inside the opal.


Ferro Tungsten Prices in China Kept Rising due to Boosted Market Confidence

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten powder, ammonium metatungstate(APT) and ferro tungsten prices in China kept rising in the week ended on Friday September 27, 2019 on the end of Fanya stock auction and firm guide prices from listed tungsten companies. 


Masan Resources Acquired Germany H.C. Starck’s Global Tungsten Business

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A modern tungsten production line belonging to Masan Resources in Thái Nguyên Province. Masan Resources has acquired Germany-owned H.C. Starck’s global tungsten business. 


Peter Wright Went Into the Final Day of Action at Gibraltar Darts Trophy

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The lineup for the final day of action at the Gibraltar Darts Trophy has been confirmed with Michael van Gerwen, Mensur Suljovic and Peter Wright, Glen Durrant, Gerwyn Price and Joe Cullen through.


China's Yunnan Government Will Auction 21 Tons of Fanya Cobalt Stocks

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21 tons of cobalt stocks from the bankrupt Fanya metal exchange (FME) are expected to be auctioned on 5 October by China's Yunnan government, following on from a string of auctions of rare earths, antimony and tungsten.


China Dysprosium Oxide Price - September 29, 2019

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Rare earth market quotation in China: the neodymium oxide and praseodymium neodymium oxide prices declined slightly while dysprosium oxide price maintained stability at the end of September due to heavy wait-and-see atmosphere and thin market trading. 




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