Photocatalyst Preparation by Cerium Doped Tungsten Trioxide

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Polluted wastewater and anti biotic wastewater are typical toxic and harmful industrial wastewater that are difficult to degrade, such as wastewater from pesticide industry and wastewater from some chemical industry. Because of the high concentration of fungicides in wastewater, which can kill and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, it is difficult to treat this kind of wastewater directly by biotechnology.


Hydrated Alumina Coated Tungsten Oxide Preparation by Step Hydrothermal Method

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Tungsten is an irreplaceable key material in many fields due to its excellent high temperature resistance, high strength and hardness, especially in the fields of national defense industry and aerospace. Compared with the pure tungsten, the aluminum oxide coated tungsten and tungsten alloy can greatly increase the strength of tungsten, refine the grains, reduce the particle size, increase the toughness and tensile strength of the material.


A Simple Gas Sensing Material of Tungsten Oxide Nanowire by Hydrothermal Method

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Through a simple hydrothermal method, the researchers prepared a wide range of tungsten oxide nanowire gas sensing materials on a large scale, and then provided a tungsten oxide nanowire sensor with high sensitivity, good repeatability and high stability for H2, CO and NH3. The operation process is as follows:


Residual Alkali Recovery from Tungsten Smelting

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Scheelite is a troublesome raw material in tungsten smelting. After the popularization of alkaline pressure leaching technology in the last century, the smelting capacity and scale of scheelite have been greatly improved, and the technology and process have been further mature. Due to the use of excessive alkali process, although a large part of alkali is consumed in the leaching process, the amount of residual alkali in the crude sodium tungstate solution is still very high after the reaction.


Hydrothermal Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Nanowires

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Tungsten oxide is a kind of transition metal oxide, which belongs to n-type semiconductor. At present, a large number of researches have found that w-based oxides not only act as catalytic, electrochromic, solar energy absorbing and invisible materials, but also have the characteristics of semiconductor functional materials such as heat sensitive, pressure-sensitive and gas sensitive.


High Performance Tungsten Oxide Preparation by Photocatalyst

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In recent years, with the development of industrialization and the rapid improvement of people's living standards, environmental pollution has become the main problem facing human beings, especially water pollution, which has attracted more and more attention. Industrial waste water accounts for a large part of the water pollution sources. Because of its dark color and strong toxicity, it is difficult to treat.


One Step Reduction of Tungsten Powder

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To produce tungsten powder from ammonium paratungstate, it is usually necessary to first burn tungsten oxide in a weak reducing atmosphere, and then carry out hydrogen reduction to produce tungsten powder. Most of the tungsten powders prepared by this process are very regular polycrystalline, which are the main raw materials for the preparation of tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide.


Preparing Tungsten Carbide Powder from Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide with good reducibility and high hydrogen reduction rate is used to prepare ultrafine tungsten powder, so as to obtain high-quality tungsten carbide powder. Carbonization is an extremely important procedure in the preparation process.


Tungsten Carbide Powder Prepared from Violet Tungsten Oxide

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With high chemical activity and hydrogen reduction rate, violet tungsten oxide has become a significant raw material for preparing tungsten carbide powder. High-quality tungsten carbide powder is usually prepared by carbonization of ultra-fine tungsten powder, which is obtained from violet tungsten oxide.


Preparing Tungsten Powder from Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten powder with unique needle structure and high chemical activity is an important raw material for the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder. The preparation process with violet tungsten oxide is usually fast.




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