Preparation of Violet Tungsten Oxide with High Fluidity

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Violet tungsten oxide is an important raw material for the preparation of tungsten powder. During the preparation process, the fluidity of violet tungsten oxide directly determines the feeding speed of rotary furnace. Only when violet tungsten oxide with high fluidity is applied, can high-quality tungsten powder be prepared.


Violet Tungsten Oxide - An Ideal Raw Material for Preparing Tungsten Powder

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With high chemical activity and unique needle structure, violet tungsten oxide is an ideal raw material for preparing ultrafine tungsten powder. When applied in the production of tungsten powder, it can effectively improve the quality and performance of tungsten powder products.


Preparation of Copper Modified Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Copper modified violet tungsten oxide is a kind of photocatalyst with good photocatalytic performance. As for its preparation, solution method is applied. This kind of preparation method is not only simple, but is suitable for large-scale production.


How to Prepare Photocatalyst of Copper Modified Violet Tungsten Oxide?

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Violet tungsten oxide is a kind of photocatalyst with special surface structure and oxygen defect structure. In addition, copper can improve the response of the photocatalyst in the visible region. Therefore, copper modified violet tungsten oxide has broad application prospects in the field of photocatalyst.


Photocatalyst of Copper Modified Violet Tungsten Oxide

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With special surface structure and oxygen defect structure, violet tungsten oxide can be modified by copper ions, so as to have better photocatalytic properties. Copper modified violet tungsten oxide, which has a high rate of solar energy utilization, is an efficient photocatalyst.


A Chemical Substance with Unique Color - Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide is powder with unique color between dark purple and pure purple. It is generally prepared by calcining ammonium paratungstate in a rotary furnace. The color of violet tungsten oxide differs from different preparation methods.


Comprehensive Recovery of Tungsten from Waste Water of Ion Exchange Process

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In order to extract tungsten from tungsten minerals, at present, China's tungsten metallurgy industry mostly adopts the alkaline smelting system. After high-pressure leaching of sodium tungstate solution, ion exchange is carried out and apt is extracted by evaporation crystallization. At present, there are two outstanding problems in this process that have not been effectively solved: first, the waste water discharge is large. Second, the discharge of waste salt is large.


Tungsten Vanadium Copper Composite Materials by Ball Milling

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Among the many vanadium oxides, vanadium dioxide is different because of its rapid and sudden phase transition. Its phase transition temperature is 68 ℃, which can change reversibly from low temperature monoclinic system to high temperature tetragonal system, making its physical properties such as resistivity, optical transmittance and magnetic conductivity change greatly. This characteristic makes it have a great prospect in intelligent switch, electronic device and photoelectric equipment. The results show that tungsten can effectively reduce the phase transition temperature of vanadium dioxide, and copper can improve the conductivity of vanadium dioxide.


Silica Bismuth - Tungstate Composite Photocatalyst

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Silica bismuth is a typical semiconductor material. Through the action of light, electrons are excited by light to transition and leave corresponding holes, forming electron hole pairs. These photo generated electron hole pairs have strong redox ability and are easy to react with organics and polymers. Due to the narrow band gap, they respond well to visible light;


Manganese Tungstate Composite Manganese Dioxide Catalyst

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With the development of science and technology, toxic organic pollutants from industrial and agricultural production seriously threaten the environment and human health. It is of great significance to seek a new and efficient environmental treatment technology. Photocatalytic technology has become a new environmental treatment technology with important application prospect because of its advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, complete pollutant degradation and no secondary pollution.




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