W18O49 Nanowire Applied in Ultraviolet Photodetector

ultraviolet photodetector image
As a kind of n-type semiconductor, W18O49 nanowire has good light absorbing ability and photothermal conversion performance. And it can shield ultraviolet light effectively. Therefore, W18O49 nanowire has broad application prospects in the preparation of ultraviolet photodetector.


How to Prepare WS2 Nanotube with W18O49 Nanowire?

WS2 image

Under an atmosphere of H2 or Ar, WS2 nanotube with small diameter and few layers can be successfully synthesized by heating W18O49 nanowire and sulfur powders at 840°C. During the preparation process, W18O49 nanowire is first prepared from WCl6 and ethanol.


Supercapacitor Electrode Material of W18O49

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W18O49 is a kind of supercapacitor electrode material with good electrochemical performance and huge market potential. Using W18O49 as electrode material can effectively improve the performance of the supercapacitor and give the device a new intelligence feature.


W18O49 Nanorod Prepared by Sputtering Method

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W18O49 is a kind of non-stoichiometric tungsten oxide (WO3-x). At present, the researches on the preparation of W18O49 at home and abroad mostly focus on the preparation methods of W18O49 nanowires and nanorods. W18O49 nanorod can be successfully prepared by sputtering method.


Heat Insulation Film of W18O49

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As an oxide of tungsten, W18O49 not only has fine visible light transmittance, but good near-infrared shielding ability. Therefore, it can be used to prepare heat insulation film for building window and automobile window.


W18O49/PDMS Coated Insulating Glass

PDMS material image

W18O49/PDMS coated insulating glass can be widely used in the future. It not only has fine visible light transmission, but good near-infrared shielding ability. This kind of glass can modulate the solar energy intake effectively, so as to save energy to the greatest extent.


Glass Coating of W18O49

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As glass coating of W18O49 can guarantee high visible light transmissivity and good thermal insulating property of the glass at the same time, it has high application value in architectural windows. This kind of glass coating can effectively control the energy exchange through the window.


Near Infrared Shielding Material of W18O49

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With good light absorbing ability and thermal insulation performance, near infrared shielding material of W18O49 is widely used in the windows of modern buildings and automobiles. Its application is of great importance to energy saving and environmental protection.


Preparing W18O49 with the Aid of Microwave Irradiation

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Monoclinic W18O49 can be successfully prepared by the annealing of WO3 · H2O, which is synthesized by microwave irradiation, at the temperature of 600°C. This kind of preparation method can improve the production efficiency effectively. It is simple, time-saving and green.


W18O49 Prepared by Solid Phase Method

urea image

W18O49 can be prepared by solid phase method. During the preparation process, WO3 powder and urea at a mass ratio of 1:3 are heated in a tube furnace to prepare nanosphere W18O49 with hollow structure. This is an efficient preparation method with low cost.




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