Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Car Heat Insulation Film

Cs0.33WO3 applied for car heat insulation film picture

Cs0.33WO3 for producing car heat insulation film is also known as cesium tungsten bronze, which is a type of tungsten bronzes. According to the experts, the tungsten bronzes were the first oxide superconductors and were the focus of extensive research 10-15 years ago. But by the early 1980s, most of this work had been set aside in favor of other pursuits.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Large Area Glass Curtain Wall

Cs0.33WO3 applied for large area glass curtain wall picture

Cs0.33WO3, or cesium tungsten bronze, or cesium tungsten oxide, is an important functional material for producing dispersion. And then the dispersion is prepared into transparent heat insulation coating for coating on the surfaces of large area glass curtain wall for high visible light transmittance and excellent near-infrared shielding ability. It is reported that the large area glass curtain wall of Cs0.33WO3 coating is an energy-saving material to reduce energy consumption.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Heat Insulating Glass Coating

Cs0.33WO3 applied for heat insulating glass coating image

Cs0.33WO3 is prepared into dispersion at first. And then the transparent dispersion is applied for preparing heat insulating glass coating, which shields heat by absorbing heat radiation in the sunlight to save energy. And such a coating also shields most of the ultraviolet light and light pollution to reduce the harmful UV radiation and glare light. Now, Cs0.33WO3 heat insulating glass coating is attracting more and more attention due to its high heat shielding performance and environmental protection.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Transparent Heat Insulating Glass

Cs0.33WO3 applied for transparent heat insulating glass image

Cs0.33WO3 for producing transparent heat insulating glass is also known as cesium tungsten bronze or cesium-doped tungsten trioxide. And such glasses are mainly applied to the buildings and cars for energy saving and cost saving. According to the experts, the functional material Cs0.33WO3 nano particles can be fabricated into a heat insulation film with a low haze by a solid reaction and bead milling method using a composite layer coating and a novel double layer coating.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Window Thermal-insulation Film

Cs0.33WO3 applied for window thermal-insulation film image

Cs0.33WO3 for producing window thermal-insulation film is known as cesium tungsten bronze with excellent near-infrared absorption properties. And it is often nano particle size cesium tungsten bronze. According to the experts, they have attempted to clarify the near-infrared absorption characteristics of the heat insulation film using a theoretical model that considers the localized surface plasmon resonance-induced absorption, scattering caused by nanoparticles, and an interlayer refractive index-induced reflection.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Coating Glass

Cs0.33WO3 applied for coating glass image

Cs0.33WO3, or cesium tungsten bronze, is mainly applied for preparing coating glass. As such a coating glass is more and more popular, the functional material Cs0.33WO3 is also attracting much attention. According to the experts, cesium tungsten bronze is hot pressed to form a sintered pellet. And the extremely hard surface of the pellet is polished and measured with a spectroscopic ellipsometer to determine the dielectric function. The image of dielectric function of Cs0.33WO3 is shown as follows.


Nano Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Near-infrared Absorber

nano Cs0.33WO3 applied for near-infrared absorber picture

Nano Cs0.33WO3, or nano cesium tungsten bronze, is well-known as a near-infrared absorber because it has excellent near-infrared absorption property. It is reported that solar control performance of Cs0.33WO3 coating or film is the highest since Cs0.33WO3 nano particles absorb well around 800-1400 nm where solar intensity is high.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Transparent Heat-insulation Coating

Cs0.33WO3 applied for transparent heat-insulation coating picture

Cs0.33WO3, or cesium tungsten bronze, is mainly applied for preparing transparent heat-insulation coating. In this process, Cs0.33WO3 nanoparticles are prepared into heat insulation nanoparticle dispersions at first. And the prepared Cs0.33WO3 coating maintains high transmittance in visible light region, while absorbing, but not reflecting, much of near-infrared (NIR) light.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for New Energy Saving Glass

Cs0.33WO3 applied for new energy saving glass picture

A new energy saving glass, which shields a large amount of near-infrared light yet transmit visible light, can be prepared with Cs0.33WO3 (cesium tungsten bronze) nanoparticles dispersed in resins. Such a glass using cesium tungsten bronze nano particles have advantages over conventional technologies in low solar energy gain, low cost and high stabilities, while keeping visible transmittance high.


Cs0.33WO3 Applied for Heat Shielding Material

Cs0.33WO3 applied for heat shielding material picture

Cs0.33WO3, or cesium tungsten bronze, is a popular heat shielding material, which can shield heat radiation by absorbing the near-infrared light. While, the heat shielding materials such as thermal insulation film and heat insulation coating are regarded as a new technology to realize solar control windows.