Near-infrared Shielding Material: Alkali-metal-doped WO3

near-infrared shielding material: alkali-metal-doped WO3 picture

Alkali-metal-doped WO3, as a near-infrared shielding material, is often designed for preparing smart windows. According to the experts, the development of new WO3-based material is significantly important for smart window applications.


WO3 Applied for All Solid-state Electrochromic Window

WO3 applied for all solid-state electrochromic window picture

WO3 is well-known as an electrochromic material for preparing an all solid-state electrochromic window. And such a window is known as a smart window with function of adjusting room temperature. Some experts have studied the all solid-state smart window of electrodeposited WO3 and TiO2 particulate film with PTREGD gel electrolyte.


WO3 Applied for High Performance Energy-saving Smart Window

WO3 applied for high performance energy-saving smart window picture

WO3 is an important functional material for producing high performance energy-saving smart window. It is reported that the WO3/TiO2 core–shell structure possesses superior properties, giving it good potential for use in energy-saving smart windows. For example, some experts have investigated the electrochromic, photodegradation, and photoinduced hydrophilicity properties of the WO3/TiO2 core–shell nanostructure as a smart building material for energy-saving.


Cs0.33WO3-xFx Applied for Near-infrared Shielding Material

Cs0.33WO3-xFx applied for near-infrared shielding material picture

Cs0.33WO3-xFx, which is known as an important near-infrared shielding material, may be prepared by the gel-gel method. For example, some experts have prepared Cs and F co-doped Cs0.33WO3-xFx by sol-gel method with using tungstic acid, CsCl, and CsF as raw materials (Cs/W = 0.33), and discussed the effects of different F doping amounts on product phase, morphology, and optical properties.


Cs0.32WO3 Applied for Energy Efficient Glass Window

Cs0.32WO3 applied for energy efficient glass window picture

Cs0.32WO3, namely cesium tungsten bronze, has excellent near-infrared shielding performance, so it is regarded as an ideal functional nano material for making transparent thermal insulation coating. Such a coating is often used to produce energy efficient glass window. And such a glass has very important applications in the field of thermal insulation of automobiles and buildings.


Cs0.32WO3 Applied for Energy-saving Glass

Cs0.32WO3 applied for energy-saving glass picture

Cs0.32WO3 for preparing energy-saving glass is nano particle size cesium tungsten bronze with uniform particles and good dispersion. Cesium tungsten bronze nano powder is well-known as an inorganic nanomaterial with good absorption on near-infrared rays (heat radiation).


Cs0.32WO3 Applied for Heat Insulation Window Film

Cs0.32WO3 applied for heat insulation window film picture

Cs0.32WO3 is often prepared into a heat insulation window film, which is environmentally friendly with excellent near-infrared shielding performance and high transparency. Cs0.32WO3 is also known as cesium tungsten bronze (CsxWO3). According to the experts, the CsxWO3 heat insulation window films can be grown on glass substrates by electron beam evaporation with using the CsxWO3 powders prepared by the low-reaction temperature method, which can produce mass amount of hexagonal CsxWO3 powders more easily.


Cs0.32WO3 Applied for Transparent Heat Insulation Coating

Cs0.32WO3 applied for transparent heat insulation coating picture

Cs0.32WO3 is the best functional material for preparing transparent heat insulation coating, which is a new type of environmentally friendly energy saving material with excellent shielding performance to near infrared rays. In addition to preparing heat shielding material for building energy efficiency, cesium tungsten bronze powders are also widely used in laser marking, laser welding and greenhouses.


Cs0.32WO3 Applied for Thermal Insulating Glass Coating

Cs0.32WO3 applied for thermal insulating glass coating picture

Cs0.32WO3 has strong near-infrared shielding properties by absorbing near-infrared rays in the sunlight, so it is mainly applied to produce thermal insulating glass coating. Well, how to prepare Cs0.32WO3 nanoparticles?


Cs0.32WO3 Powder Applied for Coating Glass

Cs0.32WO3 powder applied for coating glass picture

Cs0.32WO3 powder in nanoparticle form is more and more widely applied to manufacture coating glass as it has heat shielding performance. According to the experts, Cs0.32WO3 powder at the nanoscale level diminishes near infrared rays of shorter wavelength, which generate most of solar heat in sunlight. And it is said that such a coating glass may block much more heat energy than ATO does. While the price of Cs0.32WO3 is higher than ATO, but much lower than ITO.