WO3 Smart Glass Applied for Energy-saving Building

WO3 smart glass has an important application in energy-saving building as it can effectively save energy by regulating the solar heat gain and providing indoor comfort through reversible color changes. Wherein, WO3 is prepared into a thin film and is used as an electrochromic layer for the fabrication of such a smart glass. So, WO3 is known to be more attracting to researchers.

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According to the experts, over the past 30 years, a lot of research has been carried out to synthesize tungsten oxide films for electrochromic devices because the films exhibit a fairly good optical modulation and high cyclic stability. The electrochromic phenomenon of tungsten oxide was originally discovered in tungsten oxide WO3 thin films. The material still remains as the most promising, the most studied, and the most applied electrochromic material for windows and devices. Electrochromism of tungsten oxide is a complex phenomenon, but it is not completely understood yet. What we know is that WO3 smart glass is promising for applying to energy-saving building.