Electrochromic Film: Amorphous Tungsten Oxide Film

Some researchers deposited an electrochromic film – an amorphous tungsten oxide film on a glass substrate with a transparent conductive film by a planar magnetron reactive sputtering method.

electrochromic film: amorphous tungsten oxide film picture

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electrochromic film: amorphous tungsten oxide film image

X-ray diffraction analysis results showed that the film obtained at the room temperature was amorphous. With 0.2N concentration of HCl as the electrolyte, the optical properties of the amorphous tungsten oxide film after H+ injection and extraction and the relationship between this change and the film preparation parameters were studied by electrochemical methods. In a pure oxygen atmosphere, at a sputtering power density of 1.2 W/cm2 and a sputtering gas pressure of 1.3 Pa, the difference of the visible light transmittance of the bleached and colored states of the amorphous tungsten oxide electrochromic film after 50 electrochemical cycles was about 0.57. And the color change life of the electrochemical cycle is also long. Besides, photoelectron spectroscopy analysis showed that W5+ and W4+ appeared in the colored film after H+ injection.