Electrochromic Material: Tungsten Oxide Film

As a well-known electrochromic material, the studies on the preparation of tungsten oxide film are getting more and more important. The researchers have prepared tungsten oxide films by sol-gel and spin-coating methods using PTA as the precursor sol.

electrochromic material: tungsten oxide film image

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electrochromic material: tungsten oxide film picture

It was found that the structure of WO3 films annealed at 100 °C result in better electrochromic properties. Thus, heat treatment is focused on 100 °C, at which amorphous tungsten oxide films can be obtained. The electrochromic properties of the tungsten oxide film prepared by sol-gel method was compared with the thin film obtained by spin-coating method at various speeds and annealed at 100 °C. The results showed that not only the transmittance modulation but also the coloration efficiency and the response time were improved by an increase in the deposition speed of the tungsten oxide films. And results also showed that the better electrochromic performance of these films was correlated with their thickness and deposition speed. Indeed, a decrease in the thickness of an electrochromic layer and an increase in the deposition speed can improve its performance.