Nano Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Electrochromic Glass

Nano tungsten trioxide is well-known as an important electrochromic material for producing electrochromic glass. And the fabricated electrochromic glass is also called smart glass with the performance of adjusting the heat radiation and UV radiation of sunlight. Therefore, the electrochromic glass of nano tungsten trioxide is promising in the application of newly-built buildings, for reducing room temperature, saving energy and improving human comfort.

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It has been reported that the WO3 electrochromic glass was produced through a combination of sol-gel and spin-coating techniques - the lowest-cost process, owing to the wide industrial and commercial applications of electrochromic glasses and the increasing need for energy and appropriate ways of using it. The manufactured smart glasses proved to have a better function in terms of light transmission, response time, and dye efficiency. And the prepared glasses are superior to many other ones developed by costly methods and vacuum based procedures. It means that this synthesis is of benefits for industrial, commercial, and household purposes.