Electrochromic Film: Tungsten Trioxide Film

Tungsten trioxide film is an important electrochromic film. In recent years, WO3 electrochromic thin film has been well received by scientists in the field of energy-saving building materials, as the electrochromic glass assembled using WO3 film as an electrochromic layer is an environmentally-friendly energy-saving glass with remarkable heat insulation and heat preservation effect. Also, such glass can prevent glare and ultraviolet light. So, what method can WO3 film be prepared by?

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Some experts have prepared tungsten trioxide electrochromic thin films by electrophoretic deposition method. The experts used stainless steel plates as anodes, treated ITO glass as cathodes, applied a certain voltage, and performed sol-electrophoretic deposition in a self-made electrophoresis device. After a period of time, the ITO glass was taken out, allowed to stand for a while, and dried under an infrared lamp. Then, the heat treatment is carried out at different temperatures, and the WO3 film can be obtained after natural cooling.