Electrochromic Film: WO3 Film

Electrochromic film can be a WO3 film. According to experts, tungsten trioxide electrochromic thin film is the most studied inorganic electrochromic material. So how to prepare WO3 electrochromic film? - By sol dip-coating method.

electrochromic film: WO3 film picture

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Preparation of WO3 Electrochromic Thin Film by Sol Dip-coating Method

Some experts have prepared a WO3 film on a 2.5cmx5cm ITO glass sheet by a sol dip-coating method. The specific steps are shown as below:

Step One: Before coating, the glass sheet must be pretreated, including water washing, alcohol washing, sonication, and heat treatment at different temperatures for removing any contaminants that may affect the coating process, thereby increasing the adhesion of the film to the glass substrate.

Step Two: Fix the pre-treated glass sheet on the self-made film puller, start the film puller, adjust the pulling speed to 5~6cm/min, immerse the glass sheet in the WO3 sol, and lift it on the substrate to form a uniform sol film.

Step Three: The obtained sol film was dried under an infrared lamp for 10 to 20 minutes until it was completely dried, and the process was repeated a different number of times to obtain a dry gel film.

Step Four: The substrate coating with the dry gel film was placed in a muffle furnace and heated to a different temperature, and kept warm, and then naturally cooled to obtain a WO3 film.