Tungsten Trioxide Applied for All-solid-state Electrochromic Glass

Tungsten trioxide, more precisely, tungsten trioxide electrochromic film with good transparency and uniformity and good contact with the substrate is an important material for assembling an all-solid-state electrochromic glass. As we all know, China has done a lot of research work on electrochromic materials and electrochromic device, but these studies are done in a small number of universities and research institutes. So, China is still lagging behind in bringing this technology to practical applications and realizing the process of industrialization.

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No other company in China has mastered the industrialization technology of preparation of large-scale electrochromic glass. In the future, the development of “healthy, energy-saving and comfortable” green smart buildings using large-area electrochromic glass technology of tungsten oxide is one of the most important means to ensure the sustainable development of human society in the future. Therefore, how to promote this technology as soon as possible from the scientific research institutions into the market will be one of the decisive factors that determine whether China's building energy efficiency industry can achieve energy-saving goals at an early date and keep up with the pace of the times.