Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Window Type Electrochromic Device

Tungsten trioxide is a kind of electrochromic material that can be prepared by vacuum co-evaporation method, magnetron sputtering method, vacuum electron beam evaporation method, electroless plating method, anodic oxidation method, chemical vapor deposition method and sol-gel method, which can be used to prepare a window type electrochromic device.

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A window type electrochromic device can be classified into two types: a single electrochromic device and a two-layer electrochromic device. A single electrochromic device refers to an electrochromic device containing only one electrochromic material, which includes the following basic components:

1.0 A conductive layer deposited on the substrate as a working electrode substrate and a counter electrode;

2.0 An electrochromic layer, wherein the double layer type has a color changing layer on the working electrode and the counter electrode, respectively;

3.0 Electrolyte layer, mostly liquid lithium salt solution, usually using epoxy resin and other adhesives to ensure that the electrolyte material does not leak.

In electrochemical reactions, the conductive layer provides compensating ions for the electrochromic material and, as with the substrate, generally has good light transmission. The electrolyte material promotes the transfer of ions between the two electrodes and ensures the communication of the circuit.