Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Reflective Electrochromic Device

Tungsten trioxide can be applied for producing a reflective electrochromic device. As you may have known, tungsten trioxide film can be used to prepare an electrochromic glass and has been widely used in automotive anti-glare rearview mirrors, side windows and skylight windows, aircraft portholes, architectural exterior glasses, and display screens. But do you know where the tungsten oxide reflective electrochromic devices can be used?

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tungsten trioxide applied for reflective electrochromic device image

A reflective electrochromic device of tungsten oxide thin film has been widely used in many fields. For example, now, many major automakers are equipped with electrochromic anti-glare rearview mirrors on new cars - a two-layer electrochromic device formed using a conventional electrochromic device architecture, wherein two electrochromic materials are adopted. The mirror surface is coated with an electrochromic material such as a tungsten trioxide film, and thus, less light is allowed to be reflected into the driver's eye as the transmittance changes. Such electrochromic devices are typically controlled by a light sensor. In other words, it does not require additional operation by the driver.