Large Area Smart Device Prepared of Tungsten Oxide Film

Tungsten oxide film can be used to produce a large area smart device. We all know that the electrochromic performance of small-sized electrochromic devices is very uniform. But, when the size of electrochromic devices continues to increase, significant discoloration unevenness occurs, which has greatly plagued the application scenarios of large-sized electrochromic devices. But why is there discoloration unevenness in large-area electrochromic devices of tungsten oxide?

large area smart device prepared of tungsten oxide film picture

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In fact, this is because the polarization voltage on the electrochromic layer is different, causing a higher potential near the wire connection and a lower potential away from the conductive portion, resulting in the redox reaction of the electrochromic material on the transparent conductive electrode is not synchronized. While the change in the color of the electrochromic material is closely related to the degree of electrochemical reaction that occurs. Therefore, in the end, there is no problem with electrochromism in a small-area electrochromic device, but uneven discoloration occurs in a large-area electrochromic device.