Nano WO3 Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

Nano WO3 may be used to prepare a new type of environmentally friendly building glass energy saving coating. Such coating can effectively reduce the indoor temperature, so it becomes one of the preferred products for energy-saving renovation of buildings. This is due to the fact that the tungsten oxide raw material can shield ultraviolet rays and infrared rays without affecting the transmittance.

nano WO3 applied for building glass energy saving coating picture

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nano WO3 applied for building glass energy saving coating image

As is known to all, thermal insulation coating of tungsten oxide nanoparticles is a high-tech energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. And now the superior performance of tungsten oxide heat insulation coating completely surpasses the energy-saving glass and coatings such as thermal insulation film and LOW-E glass on the market. This transparent thermal insulating coating can be used on the surface of various architectural glasses. Besides, the construction is simple, the hardness is high, and the service life is long. Specifically, the eco-friendly coating can shield more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and more than 80% of infrared rays. And the high visible light transmittance is higher than 70%.