Yellow Tungsten Oxide Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

Yellow tungsten oxide may be used to prepare a building glass energy saving coating. Due to the special optical properties of the tungsten oxide nanoparticles, the coating prepared therefrom has excellent energy-saving effects, namely good heat insulation and heat preservation effects. Such coating can balance the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature while reducing the use of air conditioners. And therefore it can save energy by up to 30%.

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yellow tungsten oxide applied for building glass energy saving coating picture

Specifically, the tungsten oxide heat-insulating coating has the function of heat-insulating and sun-blocking: the nano heat-insulating coating can effectively block the infrared rays and ultraviolet rays in the sunlight from passing through the glass. It is reported that such coating can shield more than 99% of the ultraviolet rays, and block more than 90% of the infrared rays. It can make the indoor and outdoor temperatures differ by 3-6°C. This new type of coating also has a heat preservation function. In cold regions, transparent thermal insulation coating can block indoor heat conduction through the glass, maintaining indoor heat and temperature, and reducing the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.