Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Building Glass Energy Saving Coating

Tungsten trioxide may be used to prepare a new type of energy saving coating for applying in building glass. Nowadays, with the popularization and application of large-scale architectural glass windows, glass doors and glass curtain walls, the problem of “light pollution” has become more serious. That is, many people have the trouble of light pollution while enjoying high transparency and high heat insulation of common building glasses. How to deal with these problems?

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tungsten trioxide applied for building glass energy saving coating picture

Just spray the transparent heat insulation glass coating of tungsten oxide nanoparticles on these building glasses to effectively solve the problem of building glass energy consumption and light pollution. The coating glass can better shield the infrared rays in the sunlight and the direct irradiation of the ultraviolet rays into the room. At the same time, as there is no reflection, it will not cause light pollution. The environmentally-friendly coating film has a visible light transmittance of more than 70%, an infrared shielding rate of more than 90%, and an ultraviolet shielding rate of more than 99%, so the indoor temperature can be significantly lowered by 3°C-6°C in hot summer. In a word, tungsten oxide heat insulating coating has the characteristics of high efficiency heat insulation and energy conservation.