Nano Tungsten Oxide Applied for Energy Saving Glass Coating

Nano tungsten oxide may be used to prepare a new type of energy saving glass coating. The prepared coating is a new star of energy-efficient building materials as it can completely solve the problem of transparency and heat insulation in the core technology, that is, it can effectively solve the energy consumption and light pollution of the architectural glass.

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nano tungsten oxide applied for energy saving glass coating picture

The thermal insulation coating of nano particle size of tungsten oxide can shield most of the infrared (the heat source) in sunlight to significantly reduce the indoor temperature of 3-6°C. Such coating is energy-efficient. At the same time, the coating does not cause light pollution as it has no reflection.

Just spray a few microns of thickness of coating film, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference can reach about 6°C, the infrared shielding rate is more than 80%, the visible light transmittance is higher than 70%, and the ultraviolet shielding rate reaches 99%. In a word, it reaches the effect of "warm winter and summer". And the coating is tungsten oxide heat insulation coating.