Nano WO3 Applied for Energy Saving Glass Coating

Nano WO3 may be applied for manufacturing an energy saving glass coating, which is environmentally friendly of excellent heat insulation performance. And the coating film is transparent with high UV resistance. So how to apply the new type of thermal insulating coating to building glasses?

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nano WO3 applied for energy saving glass coating picture

How to construct energy-saving coating on building glasses? That is, the substrate is scrubbed, dried, dusted, and the window frame is covered to spray the coating. Specifically:

1.0 Construction method: Shower coating, spray coating, brush coating;

2.0 Applicable substrate: Plexiglass, inorganic glass, and tempered glass, etc.;

3.0 Substrate treatment: Remove the dust on the surface of the glass with a rag, and then thoroughly clean the surface stain with alcohol (or glass cleaner, organic solvent); the glass glue or silica gel left in the corners is wiped off with a blade and cleaned.

4.0 Drying conditions: At room temperature (25°C), touch dry for 30 minutes, dry for 24 hours.