MRAPS Can Resist M855 Tungsten Core Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabot

The Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shield (MRAPS) can withstand continuous shooting of 10 piercings 5.56mm M855 green tip tungsten core armor-piercing discarding sabot within 9 meters, leaving only bullet holes on the surface and slightly deformed behind the bulletproof shield, not penetrated!

The United States private enterprise research new individual bulletproof shield – the Baker Ballistics Company recently released the newest addition to its ballistic shield product line—the MRAPS. This new shield has successfully completed all destructive ballistic testing. Developed to protect military personnel during CQB operations, it is ideally suited for tactical use during room entry clearing operations and active shooter response.

the green tip M855 tungsten core armor-piercing discarding sabot image

Shields that offer ballistic defense against rifle fire tend to be very heavy; some are even wheel-mounted. In comparison, MRAPS is made of ceramic composite material. The light shield weighs 13.6 kg. Utilizing Baker Ballistics’ unique “Bungee/Lanyard,” the bulletproof shield can be easily and comfortably carried for long periods without user fatigue. It is much lighter than the traditional bulletproof shield (Russian “Folding Fan” 6 heavy bulletproof shield weighing 25 kg), but it can still defend against NIJ IV armor-piercing ammunition continuously shooting. such as the 300 caliber (7.62 x 67 mm) Winchester-Magnum rifle ammunition, can only leave bullet holes on the shield surface, but the rear of the shield is safe.

Unlike the old bulletproof shields, the bulletproof shield combines the Australian-developed "Death" weapon suspension (designed for machine gunners or helicopter gunners, which can reduce the load on the handgun while improving shooting stability). Using this device to reduce the weight of the shield commando.

The MRAPS shares its unique functionality with the patented capability of the Baker Ballistics by giving its operator mobility as well as the ability to aim and fire a long gun accurately from a natural shooting position and can withstand the M855 tungsten core armor-piercing discarding sabot.

the front and back sides of Mobile Rifle Armor Protective Shield image

The shield also offers a full 4.2 square feet of ballistic rifle protection, enough to cover the shield operator’s head, torso, groin and femoral arteries while engaging a rifle-equipped adversary, and it has more than five times greater rifle ballistic coverage than typical ceramic/polyethylene vest inserts.

MRAPS is capable of withstanding continuous shooting of M855 green head tungsten core armor-piercing discarding sabot. When the police or the military use the shield to perform street fighting raids, the survivability of the battlefield will be greatly enhanced.




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