Breaking Through Foreign Monopoly, High Purity Tungsten Target for Wafer Manufacturing Has Been Made in China

Semiconductor large integrated circuits (wafers) are the most advanced manufacturing technology in the world. For a long time, China has lagged behind developed countries in this field. The world's most advanced chip technology is monopolized by Europe and the United States. The annual cost of chip imports in China has exceeded that of crude oil. At the same time, China has to bear the risk of American "food cut" in science and technology from time to time.

high purity tungsten target image

In semi-conductor circuits, thin film science is a very important field in the development and manufacture of semiconductor devices. Target is the key material in this surface coating technology. The performance of target directly affects the performance of film, and then affects the performance and benefit of wafer manufacturing.

A thin transparent conductive film coated with precision equipment on the functional layer of semiconductor wafers, which is less than one-fifth of the diameter of hair filament, is used to realize the physical and chemical properties of semiconductor metals. They are called thin films. In the metallization process of semiconductor wafer fabrication, tungsten oxide film is a widely studied functional material, which is mainly used as diffusion barrier layer, bonding layer and memory electrode of large integrated circuit.

The key of coating film is the device called "target". Sputtering is one of the main technologies for preparing thin film materials. Atomic emission from high-speed moving ions bombards the target and accumulates on the surface of the substrate to form a coating. The bombarded solid is the raw material for deposition of thin film by sputtering. This raw material is called sputtering target material. This is an important matrix for tungsten oxide thin films to achieve functional transition in semiconductor devices.

Because of its high melting point, tungsten target is mainly prepared by powder metallurgy. However, for tungsten target materials used in wafer manufacturing, only the United States, Japan and other companies in the world have mastered the relevant manufacturing technology. But just last year, CCTV's Glorious China reported that a company in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, had made a breakthrough in the field of wafer tungsten targets, which not only ended the history that metal targets had to rely on imports, but also entered the world's first echelon in this field.

high purity tungsten target image

The purity of tungsten target is very high in semiconductor integrated circuit. Generally, the purity of tungsten target is more than 99.999%. At the same time, the compactness of the target material also has an important influence on the coating process and the performance of the film. The compactness of the target material not only affects the deposition rate, the density of the sputtered film particles and the discharge phenomenon, but also affects the electrical and optical properties of the sputtered film. The denser the target, the lower the density of the sputtered film particles, the weaker the discharge phenomenon, and the better the performance of the film.

It is understood that the leader of the enterprise is a returnee entrepreneur. For high purity tungsten target, the manufacturing technology it needs is the most advanced in the world. But the Chinese team broke through the technical manufacturing difficulties of high-purity tungsten targets at one stroke, completely broke the foreign monopoly, and never looked at the faces of foreigners.




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