China Rare Earth Prices - August 2, 2019

China rare earth prices moved up slightly in the week began on Monday August 2, 2019 owing to tight supply, decreased low price resources and active inquiry of downstream. Most manufacturers are optimistic about the outlook. 

For light rare earths elements, the market trading atmosphere was more active, and the recent favorable news continued to release, alleviating the situation that the price of the series of products continued to fall due to the global economic slowdown and Sino-US trade friction. The upstream mainstream separation plant price was raised. Regarding to the medium and heavy rare earths elements, with the increasing environmental protection supervision and the impact of the rainy season, many mining enterprises have experienced limited production or even stopped production, which has led to the increased the rised mentality of sellers. 

Prices of rare earth products on August 2, 2019

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Picture of cerium oxide

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