Tungsten Concentrate Price – Jul. 24, 2017

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Tungsten market quotation: prices of tungsten concentrate, ammonium paratungstate and tungsten carbide powder continue to increase.


Dysprosium Oxide, Europium Oxide Price – Jul. 24, 2017

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Rare earth price generally maintains stability in China, of which dysprosium rare earth price raised slightly. Rare earth supply is still tight as a result of "anti" normalization and state reservation.


Large Tungsten Enterprise: Positive Negotiated Price

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A large Jiangxi tungsten enterprise yesterday published a long-term negotiated price in the second half of July, which obviously intent to encourage businesses continue to raise quotation.


Cerium Oxide, Dysprosium Oxide Price - Jul. 21, 2017

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Rare earth prices maintained stability in China. The application of rare earth permanent magnet in the new energy vehicles and other areas performs well currently. Rare earth permanent magnet production enterprises generally increased by 10%-30% in the first half of this year.


Pine Creek Tungsten Mine History (II)

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During 1936~1953, total output of tungsten in Pine Creek Tungsten Mine is 7613ton. In 1979, Pine Creek Tungsten Mine starts underground exploration, annual output is 2000ton. And keeps being the biggest tungsten producer in America.


Pine Creek Tungsten Mine History (I)

pine creek tungsten mine  photo

Pine Creek Tungsten Mine locates on the south of Nevada mountain in California, 18 miles northwest from bishop town, altitude is 3300m, is a tungsten mine with centurial history.


Tungsten Price in The Second Half of 2017: Cautiously Optimistic

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tungsten concentrate imageThe prices of mainstream tungsten products continued to sustaining steady growth yesterday in China, and the volume is small. In the short term, tungsten concentrate’s tight supply is not easy to improve.


Dysprosium Oxide, Cerium Oxide Price

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Rare earth prices in China maintain stability. And there is room for improvement in the aftermarket. The national purchasing and storage, limited production due to environmental protection and anti normalization promote the industry’s standardization and scientific development.


Ready Tungsten Market: Lack of Demand

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The once increased prices of tungsten products are stable again yesterday in China. Supported by raw material suppliers’ optimistic view of prices, APT market prices continued to rise slightly. Though in the off-season, there is still a ready Chinese tungsten market which lacks of downstream demand.


Lanthanum Oxide, Europium Oxide Price – Jul. 19, 2017

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Rare earth prices in China  sustaining steady growth, and shares in the rare earth sector also rise rapidly. Particularly, there are many stocks moved up in terms of permanent magnet stocks. 




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