The Information of Tungsten Pendant

Tungsten pendant is now gaining popularity within the fashion world.

Tungsten pendant is popular items of urban style jewellery, as are some rings and necklaces. Tungsten can be used and designed as tungsten pendant. It can be separate or a part of tungsten necklace, which is very modern unique, and popular among young people.

Tungsten alloy pendant might be made from a large selection of supplies, perhaps even far more so in comparison to other jewelry. Pendant can also be made of other metals such as stainless steel. ceramic etc, but tungsten material with good abrasion resistant is appreciated by many people. There will also be choices for example buying a set of that can suit your character. Chinatungsten specializes in manufacturing tungsten pendants for almost two decades.

As we know, tungsten carbide is one of the material of tungsten alloy. Some tungsten pendants is not made of tungsten alloy material, but is not include carbide. Though some of the retailers still call them tungsten carbide; however, please be careful. A tungsten only is basically only steel. It is hard, but not scratch proof. A tungsten carbide bracelet or a tungsten carbide pendant can only be scratched by a diamond or a product containing the mineral corundum. If you see a tungsten that has carved details this bracelet/pendant does not have carbide, as it is a tungsten materail only. It will scratch. Please distinguish tungsten and tungsten carbide when you select.

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