How to Break off an Engagement


1.Think about why you want to break it off. Is your fiance(e) not the person you thought they were? If this is the case, be thankful you found out before the wedding! Are you just not ready to get married? Come up with some good reasons why you want to end your relationship, or engagement.
2.Talk to friends and family. They can offer you helpful advice to get through this tough situation. They may have been through the same situation or know someone else who went through this.
3.Research using books or the Internet. Finding relationship experts and asking questions can help make breaking off a lot easier on you and your fiance(e). Some radio stations have relationship experts you can call in to ask questions. Take advantage of this opportunity.
4.Break the news to your fiance(e), and be considerate of their feelings. This may have come as a surprise to them, or maybe they saw this coming. Your fiance(e) will probably be as devastated as you are. Try to talk it through calmly. If they get upset, give them some time and space so they can calm down.
5.Think ahead to what you will do after you end the engagement. Will you end the relationship? Will you start dating again? Make sure to discuss these questions with your former fiance(e), because they need to know what's going on.
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