Different Engagement Ring

Although tungsten is more commonly used for male wedding rings, women have become increasingly interested in tungsten engagement rings, the options have increased. The three most common types of tungsten engagement rings are plain tungsten bands, tungsten bands with metal inlays and tungsten bands with stone and gem inlays.

Plain tungsten engagement rings are the most commonly purchased and can have a variety of designs. The design options for plain tungsten bands include grooves, bevels and engraved designs. Edges also can be rounded, squared or ridged, depending on preference. These options make the plain band more unique by adding patterns and accents. Plain tungsten engagement rings also are the most affordable tungsten option and are often more durable than rings inset with metals and stones.

Another common type of tungsten engagement ring has an inlay, or center band, that is a different metal. Platinum, silver or gold are often used for the inlay. Tungsten engagement rings that are inlaid with other metals create a vibrant contrast of color and are a unique alternative to the plain band.


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