Maintenance of Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Ornaments

Gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments with a high density close to 19.0g/cm3, which can be regarded as a replacement of gold. They get popular for their favorable prices and decorative function. Certainly, gorgeous jewelry need to take some time to maintain.

The maintenance of gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments should pay attention to the following perspectives.

Firstly, restore properly. If gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments will be kept aside for a long time, the best way is to leave it alone in a jewelry case separately. Besides, to wrap it with flannelette is beneficial to avoid oxidation, rubbing and contacting other jewelries.In addition, wearing gold plated ornaments correctly is a basic way to maintain. To avoid damage due to being thrown away by accident, people had better release their ornaments when running or doing other vigorous exercises.

Secondly, learn to clean: keep dry and keep cleaning. The easiest way to clean up the dust and scales is to use a soft brush cleaning gold plated ornaments lightly with hot water. Besides, it will be much better to use absorbent ball to get soapy water, scrubbing without ethyl alcohol. Except the mentioned above, running water and spout can be adopted, either. Cleaning the gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments should never use frictional particle when cleaning, such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper or crocus cloth, etc. After cleaning, using the old towel with Cotton thread to dry the ornament or drying by air.

Thirdly, avoid contacting with gas, liquefied gas, sulfur soap, fixature and other cosmetics directly; chemical reactions will take place when the ornaments meet mercury-containing and leaded cosmetics, which will damage the gilding on the surface of the ornaments. Besides, avoid chemical corrosion. When bathing, swimming and gong to a spa, the gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments should be kept aside, otherwise the chemical component will resolve the weak areas of ornaments. After wearing perfume and wiping soothing oil, people should not wear the gilded ornaments until the skin become dry. If there is too much sweat, the gold plated ornaments should be scrubbed with cleaning cloth. By the way, if the gold platings are damaged, Chinatungsten online can provide the service of gilding again.