Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Bracelets

Many ladies will purchase various bracelets in pursuit of beauty, such as some bracelets made of precious metal, crystal, glass and leather, etc. With the diversification of fashion, gold plated tungsten alloy bracelets increasingly catch ladies’ eyes. Ladies purchase them and collect them.

The density of the tungsten alloy is close to gold. The outlook of gold plated tungsten alloy ornaments is indistinguishable from gold ornament, glittering and favorable. They make the finishing point of ladies’ outfit for their high hardness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and hypoallergenic characteristics.The quality of the bracelet is an important part when choosing gold plated tungsten alloy bracelets. Firstly, check whether the overall modeling is integral or not, such as circular degree and symmetry degree, etc. Secondly, check whether the technical construction is firm and logical or not. Most of the bracelets are made by many small rings joined together. The small rings will easily fall off if small rings haven’t been joined well in the process of manufacturing. Thirdly, check whether the workmanship is fine or not by going through decorative pattern, color, shape and size, etc. What the gold plated tungsten alloy bracelets weigh are up to their styles. If their styles get more unique and more innovative, the process of manufacturing is more complicated and price is more expensive. Generally, gold plated tungsten alloy bracelets for lady weigh from 5 grams to dozens of grams. Compared with other weighs, the bracelets weigh 15 grams are the most popular style, which enables ladies look elegant.