Tungsten Heavy Alloy Isotope Container

tungsten heavy alloy isotope container image

Tungsten heavy alloy isotope container is fabricated using tungsten-based alloy as raw material, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic with properties of high density, high hardness, corrosion resistance and strong radiation absorption performance.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Multileaf Collimator

tungsten heavy alloy multileaf collimator picture

Tungsten heavy alloy multileaf collimator is composed of some individual tungsten alloy leaves, which can move independently in and out of the path of a particle beam. Multileaf collimator is a crucial device on a medical electron linear accelerator that directs a beam and focuses radiotherapy treatment to obtain precisely conformed shapes, thereby delivering correct therapy doses to patients. Multileaf collimators are widely used in radiology departments and are an integral part of radiotherapy.


Tungsten Alloy Medical Shield

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Tungsten alloy medical shield has good radiation shielding property. According to the researchers, the property of radiation shielding is closely related to the density of material. Higher density means better ray absorption and radiation shielding ability. Due to the higher density of tungsten alloy than other materials, the ray absorption of which is better than other traditional shielding materials, such as lead.


I-131 Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield

I-131 tungsten alloy radiation shield picture

I-131 tungsten alloy radiation shield has good β-ray and γ-ray shielding performance. And it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic with high hardness and long service life. It may be a tungsten alloy syringe shield containing NaI solution - an injection solution containing isotope I-131, or a tungsten alloy container for storing and transporting NaI solution.


Cs 137 Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield

Cs 137 tungsten alloy radiation shield image

Cs 137 tungsten alloy radiation shield may be a tungsten alloy radiation protection container used for storing and transporting the isotope Cs-137 injection. As a medical gamma radioactive source, Cs-137 injection can be used for heart scanning to assist in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction and its lesions, as well as for the diagnosis of thyroid tumors and cancer treatment. However, 137Cs has a greater damage effect on the human body, which can cause acute and chronic damage, or cause soft tissue tumors, such as thyroid cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and so on. Therefore, a tungsten alloy shield is needed to keep its radiation within the treatment range and reduce radiation damage to medical staff and patients.


Cobalt 60 Tungsten Alloy Radiation Shield

cobalt 60 tungsten alloy radiation shield picture

Cobalt 60 tungsten alloy radiation shield may be some tungsten alloy leaves applied to the collimator of a cobalt-60 radiotherapy machine, or a tungsten alloy container used for storage and transportation of cobalt-60. Generally, such a radiation shielding product has characteristics of high density and high ray shielding performance. And it is non-toxic and environmental friendly. More importantly, tungsten alloy shields have better radiation shielding performance than traditional lead shields.


Tungsten Alloy Applied for Storing Radioactive Resource

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Tungsten alloy, also known as tungsten heavy alloy, is the most important radiation shielding material for storing radioactive resource. Generally, tungsten heavy alloy shield for applications of radioactive resource can be a tungsten heavy alloy protective pot, or a tungsten heavy alloy isotope container, etc. No matter where is stored, what kind of radioactive source is stored, these radiation protection containers must be affixed with "Ionizing Radiation" warning signs.


Tungsten Alloy X-ray Shield

tungsten alloy X-ray shield picture

Tungsten alloy X-ray shield is an indispensable radiation shield for the medical industry. You know, X-rays are mainly used in medical diagnosis and treatment, but if excessive exposure, it will cause tissue destruction, affect physiological functions, and even cause life-threatening. Therefore, a radiation protection product that can effectively block X-rays is needed to protect medical personnel and patients. But why choose tungsten alloy X-ray shield?


Tungsten Alloy Radiation Protection Door

tungsten alloy radiation protection door image

Tungsten alloy radiation protection door is promising to be used to replace the traditional lead door as tungsten alloy is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic radiation shielding material with the advantages of high density, high hardness and excellent radiation protection performance.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Syringe Shield

tungsten heavy alloy syringe shield image

Tungsten heavy alloy syringe shield mainly uses tungsten alloy having excellent attenuation ability for various rays to protect patients and medical staffs from radiation damage when injecting radiopharmaceuticals.