Molybdenum Doped Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalyst

molybdenum doped tungsten trioxide photocatalyst image

With the rapid development of human society and economy, energy and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Organic dye wastewater pollution has become one of the most concerned environmental problems. These organic dye molecules not only destroy the ecological environment, but also contain aromatic intermediates which are carcinogenic.


Hydrogen Production from Supported Nickel-Tungsten Bimetallic Composite Oxides

hydrogen production from supported nickel-tungsten bimetallic composite oxides image

With the rapid rise of global energy demand and the increasing problem of greenhouse gas emissions, the deployment of hydrogen energy industry has become one of the important strategies to solve the sustainable development of society, economy and environment. Hydrogen is widely used to synthesize and upgrade liquid fuels to replace traditional petroleum to produce gasoline and diesel. Meanwhile, proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) fueled with hydrogen have high energy conversion efficiency, and the byproduct is only water, which is expected to become the power core of a new generation of vehicles.


Cadmium Selenide - Bismuth Tungstate Composite Photocatalyst

cadmium selenide - bismuth tungstate composite photocatalyst image

Cadmium selenide nanocrystals are the most widely studied and promising class of II-VI semiconductor nanocrystals. They have attracted worldwide attention due to their important non-linear optical properties, luminescent properties and other physical and chemical properties.


Tungsten Alloy PCB Bit

tungsten alloy PCB bit image

The through hole is one of the important components of PCB. Its function is to fix or locate the electrical connection channels and devices between layers. Mechanical drilling with PCB micro-drill is the most commonly used processing method.


Metallic Tungsten Selenide Nanosheets - Carbon Nanotubes Hybrid Structure Electrocatalysts

metallic tungsten selenide nanosheets-carbon nanotubes hybrid structure electrocatalysts image

Transition metal chalcogenides, as a new two-dimensional layered material, have similar properties to graphene and are widely used in field-effect transistors, sensors, energy storage and catalysis. Tungsten selenide, as an undeveloped transition metal chalcogenide, is a promising non-noble metal catalyst. Its performance is also influenced by the phase and electronic structure.


Tungsten Steel Functionally Gradient Materials

tungsten steel functionally gradient materials image

In the future, the refractory tungsten metal and structural material steel need to be joined together in the divertor part of fusion equipment. Due to the huge difference of thermal expansion coefficient between tungsten and steel, the joint of tungsten and steel obtained by conventional welding method has large residual stress and working pressure, which will lead to deformation and cracking.


Rare Earth Tungsten High Specific Weight Alloy for Balance Shaft of Aircraft Engine


The balancing shaft of aircraft engine is a simple and practical engine part. It can effectively reduce the vibration of aircraft in flight, because when the engine is in working state, the piston moves very fast and the speed is very uneven. The balancing shaft can effectively improve the comfort of passengers. Tungsten-based high specific gravity alloys are commonly used in balancing axles of aircraft engines.


High Density Unbonded Phase Tungsten Carbide

high density unbonded phase tungsten carbide image

Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy material made by powder metallurgy process from hard compounds of refractory metals and bonded metals. Cemented carbide has a series of excellent properties, such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is known as "industrial teeth".


Tungsten Carbide Inhibitor Composite Powder

Tungsten Carbide Inhibitor Composite Powder Image

Ultra-fine grained tungsten carbide-based hard alloy has high strength and high hardness "double high" performance, which can be used in the production of printed circuit board micro drill bits, dot matrix printer printing needles, precision tooling, and difficult material tools.


Gold-doped Yttrium-substrated Tungsten Oxide Composite Gas Sensing Material

Tungsten Oxide Composite Gas Sensing Material Image

Tungsten oxynitride NOx gas is one of the culprits in destroying the ecological environment on which humans depend. According to medical data, short-term exposure to NOx gas may cause respiratory diseases, such as airway inflammation in healthy people, and aggravate the condition of people with asthma. If exposed to NOx for a long time, it may cause pulmonary edema and even death.