Different Names of Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide is powder with unique structure of needle. It is composed of many different components. The components and their quantities are determined by the specific preparation method. Violet tungsten oxide has some alternate names -γ-tungsten oxide, for example.


Apparent Density of Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide with low apparent density has high application value in the field of powder metallurgy. It is an extremely important material for the preparation of ultrafine tungsten powder and tungsten carbide. Low apparent density of violet tungsten oxide is determined by its unique needle structure.


Nano Tungsten Trioxide Film for Hydrogen Production

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PEC technology is based on solar energy and water, both of which are renewable. PEC technology has no by-products and will not bring pollution to the environment. Moreover, PEC technology can be applied in small scale and developed in large scale. Therefore, this technology is the most attractive way to produce hydrogen directly by solar energy.


Sheet Silver Nickel Tungsten Electrical Contact

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Silver nickel electrical contact has been widely used in various low-voltage electrical appliances because of its good thermal conductivity, low and stable contact resistance, excellent processing performance and other advantages. However, due to its poor anti fusion welding performance, the application range of silver nickel electrical contact is affected.


Tungsten Carbide Shell Coated Lithium Iron Phosphate Cathode Material

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Cathode materials have been the bottleneck to improve the performance and reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium iron phosphate is the first choice of cathode materials for modern commercial lithium-ion batteries because of its low price, high energy density, long life and good safety. However, the low electronic conductivity of lithium iron phosphate seriously hinders its application in the field of power and energy storage batteries.


Heat Resistant Water-based Nano Tungsten Disulfide Isothermal Forging Lubricant

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Tungsten disulfide (WS2) is a kind of layered solid lubricant with structure similar to graphite. It has excellent high temperature resistance, extreme pressure resistance, good adsorption capacity on metal surface and low thermal conductivity. WS2 was first applied to the lubrication of the key parts of the American mariner spacecraft, and it was used to prepare high temperature extreme pressure grease and energy-saving engine lubricating oil, with good application results.


Nanometer Tungsten Carbide Powder for Shield Cutting Tools

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At present, China's major cities are booming in the construction of rail transit projects. Because of its unparalleled advantages, shield method has been widely used in the construction of rail transit tunnels.


Quantum Dot Tungsten Oxide Mimics Peroxidase

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In recent years, the appearance of nano material artificial analogy peroxidase can effectively overcome the above shortcomings of natural enzyme, showing strong catalytic activity and specificity. The quantum size effect, small size effect, interface effect, surface effect and macro quantum tunneling effect of nano tungsten oxide make it have more advantages in optical, magnetic, catalytic and chemical activities. Based on the quantum effect, quantum dots have a wide range of applications in solar cells, light-emitting devices, optical biomarkers and other fields.


Tungsten Trioxide Nano Film Preparation by Drop Coating Mmethod

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The photoelectrochemical cell (PEC), which decomposes water to produce hydrogen and converts solar energy into chemical energy, is considered to be one of the most important ways to obtain energy instead of fossil energy. It is an important research direction in this field to find and study potential semiconductor materials by various methods.


Why Violet Tungsten Oxide is Violet?

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As the name implies, violet tungsten oxide refers to a kind of tungsten oxide with a violet color. It is one of the stable oxides of tungsten, together with WO3, WO2.90 and WO2. Why violet tungsten oxide is violet. It is closely related to its light absorption property.