Tungsten Trioxide-Polypyrrole-Graphene Composites Synthesis

tungsten trioxide-polypyrrole-graphene composites synthesis image

Tungsten trioxide is a stable n-type semiconductor material, which has been widely used in gas sensors and electrochemical catalysis. In recent years, some studies have applied tungsten trioxide to electrochemical energy storage. Studies have shown that tungsten trioxide and graphene aerogel composites can exhibit excellent capacitance performance.


Tungsten Disulfide Coating Used in Bearing Processing

tungsten disulfide used in spherical bearing processing image

Bearing, the important basic part of mechanical equipment, plays an important role in fixing and reducing the friction coefficient of load during the mechanical transmission. Tungsten disulfide coating is used in bearing processing to reduce the internal wear of the part.


Tungsten Disulfide Solid Lubricant

tungsten disulfide powder image

Tungsten disulfide with lamellar structure is an excellent solid lubricant with good lubricant performance. It has many advantages in lubrication, so it is widely used in the fields of electronics, food, medicine, space machinery, etc.


Tungsten Disulfide Prepared from Tungsten Trioxide

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Generally, tungsten disulfide can be prepared from tungsten trioxide, using it as the raw material. Tungsten disulfide with different purity can be prepared by this method according to different preparation conditions.


Nano Tungsten Oxide Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Sensing Film

nanometer tungsten oxide nitrogen dioxide gas sensing film image

At present, tungsten oxide (WO3) thin films with resistance sensitive layer are often used to monitor low concentration of NO2 gas. The preparation methods of WO3 thin films are to coat nano-tungsten oxide on planar interdigital electrodes or curved ceramic tube substrates by simple manual brushing or deposition. However, the specific surface area of tungsten oxide films prepared by this process is small, which restricts the improvement of the sensitivity of detecting nitrogen dioxide gas.


Electroluminescent Properties of Zero-dimensional Tungsten Oxide Quantum Dots

zero-dimensional tungsten oxide quantum dots image

Tungsten oxide has outstanding electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic and catalytic properties. It is confirmed that reducing the particle size of traditional electrode materials to zero dimension will greatly enhance the material and charge transport process, and it is expected to expand the application of quantum dots in the field of ultra-fast response electrochemical devices. Zero-dimensional tungsten oxide quantum dots can greatly improve the electroluminescent properties of tungsten oxide. The preparation process of tungsten oxide quantum dots includes the following steps:


Tungsten Oxide Ethanol Gas Sensing Material

tungsten oxide ethanol gas sensing material image

Ethanol gas sensor can be used to detect ethanol content in drunk driving inspection or industrial production, avoiding traffic accidents or production safety accidents, and has important practical value. In recent years, tungsten oxide with ethanol sensing properties has attracted the attention of researchers and researchers.


Tungsten Trioxide Conductive Thin Film Electrode Preparation by Hot Steaming

tungsten trioxide conductive film electrode image

Conductive thin film electrodes are the basic components of organic light-emitting devices (OLED). Their performance directly affects the light-emitting efficiency of the whole device. Among them, transparent conductive film is a photoelectric material which combines optical transparency and conductivity. Because of its excellent photoelectric properties, transparent conductive film can be widely used in solar cells, LED, TFT, LCD and touch screen display fields.


Tungsten Oxide Coating for Solar Control Glass

solar controlled glass image

Solar control glass is the glass that transmits the total incident radiation energy (total solar heat) through a high percentage of incident light and a low percentage of total incident radiation energy. One way to produce such glass is to deposit coatings containing one or more layers of various materials, especially metal oxides, such as tungsten oxide, on the glass, which are usually of sub-micron thickness.


Titanium Dioxide-Tungsten Trioxide Nanocomposite Films

titanium dioxide-tungsten trioxide nanocomposite films image

Typical semiconductor metal oxides such as titanium dioxide and tungsten trioxide have become the most widely studied and applied metal oxides due to their low cost, non-toxic, harmless, stable biological and chemical properties, and light corrosion resistance.