Tungsten Alloy Kinetic Warhead

tungsten alloy kinetic warhead image

Tungsten alloy kinetic warhead has high hardness, high temperature resistance and good impact resistance, so it can destroy solid fortifications. Tungsten alloy kinetic warhead also has high density. It means that the mass of tungsten alloy warhead is very large in a unit volume. Small size, big powder. Therefore, the specific gravity of the warhead to the entire missile can be used to control the power distribution and kinetic energy maintenance of the missile.


Tungsten Alloy Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck

tungsten alloy aircraft carrier flight deck image

Tungsten alloy aircraft carrier flight deck may be manufactured using a special tungsten alloy material. Nowadays, the process requirements of aircraft carrier decks are getting higher and higher. According to reports, after testing tens of thousands of steel and alloy plates, researchers found that tungsten alloy with special alloy composition, addition of various elements and processed by special technical processes is the most ideal raw material for manufacturing aircraft carrier flight decks currently. This is because such a tungsten alloy material has high hardness, good corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and other characteristics.


Tungsten Alloy Warhead

tungsten alloy warhead image

Tungsten alloy warhead refers to a type of warhead made of tungsten alloy materials such as rocket projectiles, artillery shells, aerial bombs and missiles (divided by launch platform). Tungsten alloy materials are widely used in warheads with an effective kill radius of more than 100m, such as dual-purpose submunitions for domestic Guard-2 rockets, anti-explosive bomb warheads, etc. A single warhead is composed of many tungsten alloy balls or tungsten alloy pillars.


Tungsten Steel Scriber

tungsten steel scriber image

Tungsten steel scriber is prepared using advanced equipment and advanced technology, and refined through multiple processes, so that it has properties of high hardness, good toughness, wear resistance, and strong stability. It is sharp for precise marking on marble, glass, ceramic tiles and other substrates. It is not easy to oxidize and not easy to break. It is durable.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide Nanomaterial

yellow tungsten oxide nanomaterial picture

Yellow tungsten oxide nanomaterial has potential application prospects in the field of new multifunctional materials. For example, it can be used for the detection of early diabetes and the degradation of organic pollutants.


Ultrafine Yellow Tungsten Oxide Powder

ultrafine yellow tungsten oxide powder image

Ultrafine yellow tungsten oxide powder, or ultrafine tungsten trioxide powder, or ultrafine WO3 powder, is a multifunctional semiconductor material, which has broad application prospects in catalytic materials, invisible materials, electrochromic materials and gas-sensitive materials. For example, micron or submicron yellow tungsten oxide powder is often used as a catalyst in the chemical and petrochemical industries.


Tungsten Alloy Radioactive Source Container

tungsten alloy radioactive source container image

Tungsten alloy radioactive source container is a new lead-free shielding container, and is the most suitable shielding container to replace the traditional lead shielding container currently. The reason why tungsten alloy radioactive source container is the most ideal substitute material is that tungsten alloy has excellent comprehensive performance and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Tungsten alloy has excellent attenuation and absorption capacity for X-ray and radioisotope radiation, which is more than 40% higher than commonly used lead. Therefore, tungsten alloy is regarded as the most excellent high-energy radiation shielding material.


Cs-137 Tungsten Alloy Shield

Cs-137 tungsten alloy shield picture

Cs-137 tungsten alloy shield refers to tungsten alloy shield used to shield the cesium-137 radioisotope in medical applications. And it can also be used in agriculture and nuclear power plants.


A New Lead-free Radiation Shielding Material: Tungsten Alloy Shielding Material

a new lead-free radiation shielding material: tungsten alloy shielding material image

Tungsten alloy shielding material is considered to be a new lead-free radiation shielding material with broad application prospects. It is environment-friendly and non-toxic, and has characteristics of high hardness, good corrosion resistance, excellent radiation absorption performance, strong mechanical properties, and high compressive strength.


Tungsten Alloy Vial Shield With Magnetic Cap

tungsten alloy vial shield with magnetic cap image

Tungsten alloy vial shield is designed for vials containing liquid radioisotopes. Such a vial shield of tungsten based alloy has higher density than traditional lead vial shield so that it has better radiation absorption performance. It features a removable screw top with a magnetic cap. Speed of handling reduces exposure. Another design feature is the holding ring which fits comfortably in the hand or into a dispensing stand. The magnetic cap holds the lid in place even when inverted on the stand. Machined with 0.2" thick tungsten, the vial shield accommodates most 10 ml vials.