Tungsten Alloy Shielding Needle Tube Transport System

In the PET/CT center, mostly are intravenous injection. Tungsten alloy shielding needle tube transport system is being used when injecting.

Tungsten alloy has high density, high radiation shielding properties, and environmental friendly, which can let the operator to complete the injection at far distances, and provide radiation shielding for the operator and other personnel at the same time.
Tungsten alloy shielding needle tube transport system accessories are used for PET drug injection system, which includes tungsten alloy injection needle tube shielding canister and needle syringe cart.
Tungsten alloy FDG needle has different capacity needle tube, and rapid bayonet design.
tungsten alloy shielding needle tube transport system image
Large 4 section needle tube transport tank can be decomposed into anterior, middle, and posterior three prats to meet the requirements of protection medicine pumping injection stage. The middle inner core is equipped with tungsten alloy tubing sets, and it also can separate from the middle.
Liquid storage tank, used as conventional capacity bottle, generally has tungsten alloy of 3.5 cm. It’s used for the shielding of high energy PET radiopharmaceuticals, and eliminating radiation leakage. The tungsten alloy cap is fixed on the jar by a magnet, and it can be connected with other magnet syringe needle sleeve to complete the packing.
Tungsten tank system has magnetic ring handle system, and it can maintain single hand operation. It has high shielding performance, and zero pollution.
Quality control storage tank, special small needle tube, is used in quality control phase.
High dose drug storage tank, a large tungsten alloy tank, is used in hot room and the transport of high dose liquid medicine.
Needle tube shielding sleeve barrel with window, a kind of tungsten alloy needle tube shielding sleeve, whose thickness is suitable for PET laboratory. It can be matched with lead glass window if required.
Tungsten alloy liquid transport protective box can prevent opening during transit.