Notes for Throwing Darts

What should notice when throwing darts? The most talked about usually are holding darts, standing, aiming and throwing. Let’s know the main points and taboos together. Darts holding: put a dart on the palm along, and find the center of gravity. Put the thumb at the center of gravity on one side of the dart, the index finger and middle finger on the other side of the dart, and the ring finger on the underside of the dart.

The fingers are evenly forced, and the dart is naturally grasped, so that the dart cannot fall off easily. Keep the dart point up slightly. The dart must be stable, but not too tight. At least three fingers are holding a dart. It’s certainly better to use more fingers, but you wouldn’t feel so smooth when you're casting darts, and more control will give you one more source of mistakes. Please attention that the fingers which do not hold the dart need to stretch, or remain the same position with other fingers. Clench fist will make the other fingers too nervous, and will make it more difficult to release, and easier to loiter to the dart that flies out, which affects the accuracy. Anything that meets the requirements above and skills of holding the darts for you is good.

tungsten darts alloy image

Standing postures: you should stand behind the dart line. Standing habits vary from person to person, mainly in their own comfortable. The body pitches forward slightly. The foot of the same side of the dart is used as the supporting point, and the other foot stretches back naturally to keep balance. Lean to one side. Darts hand side of the shoulder is right ahead of the plate.


Aiming and throwing: When aiming, let your eyes, darts gun, darts target point on one line, the darts should be slightly raised, and the angle increases when backward, decrease when forward. When throwing, except the hand, wrist and forearm, the rest of the body remains stationary. Forearm moves to shoulder to the limit, palms up, the darts body approximate horizontal; elbow still, wrist flip forward drive forearm movement to throw darts, attention that arm should move as the original direction to ensure the flight path of darts. 


Darts is a new sport in China, but the public's affection for it is not less than some popular sports. With the fitness movement promoted by State General Administration of sports, more and more people began to pay attention to this interesting and challenging sport. Both darts and badminton have the equipment differences. If you love this sport, and want to play it for a long time, it is recommended that purchase a set of regular tungsten darts, then take the time to familiar with the practice them.