Photothermal Nanomaterial: Tungsten-oxide-based Material

Recently, tungsten-oxide-based material has received considerable attention among various photothermal nanomaterials because of its ability to absorb near-infrared light and its efficient light-to-heat conversion properties. In addition, tungsten-oxide-based material has an unusual oxygen defect structure and strong surface plasma resonance, which offers strong photoabsorption in a broad wavelength range of the near-infrared light region.

photothermal nanomaterial: tungsten-oxide-based material picture

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photothermal nanomaterial: tungsten-oxide-based material image

In the past, several light-absorbing nanomaterials such as noble metals, polymeric materials, and other inorganic nanomaterials were of interest for their use in photothermal therapy for cancer treatment. But now tungsten-oxide-based materials are popular light-absorbing nanomaterials. Besides, light-absorbing nanomaterials such as WO3-x and MxWO3-based nanomaterials are widely used in various fields such as near-infrared light shielding, pyroelectric, water evaporation, photatalysis, gas sensors, and energy-related applications. For application of near-infrared light shielding, CsxWO3 nano dispersions are welcoming in different places such as office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, hospitals, etc.