Semiconductor Photocatalytic Material: Yellow Tungsten Oxide

Yellow tungsten oxide, namely tungsten trioxide or WO3, is a common semiconductor photocatalytic material. Certainly, there are other common semiconductor photocatalytic materials such as TiO2, ZnO, Fe2O3 and Bi2WO6. Wherein, so far, the most studied material is TiO2. However, due to the shortcomings of TiO2 - wide band gap and low conversion efficiency of visible light, people have begun to improve the light utilization efficiency of photocatalysts from two directions:

semiconductor photocatalytic material: yellow tungsten oxide image

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semiconductor photocatalytic material: yellow tungsten oxide picture

1. Replace the oxygen element in TiO2 with elements such as N, S, C, etc., so as to reduce its band gap;

2. Develop other highly efficient photocatalytic materials.

In recent years, yellow tungsten oxide nanomaterials have become widely used as semiconductor photocatalytic materials after TiO2 due to their wide light absorption bands, high light stability, low price, and easy preparation. And WO3 has become a semiconductor photocatalytic material that has received widespread attention after TiO2. And scientists have studied the effect of WO3 on photocatalytic performance by changing the morphology, doping or recombination of WO3.