Purple Tungsten Oxide Contained in Lithium Batteries of Early Education Machine

Purple tungsten oxide or violet tungsten oxide, that is, γ-tungsten oxide, with an abbreviation of VTO, it is needle-shaped or thin column-shaped with the special crystal structure and extremely rich cracks. Purple tungsten oxide is suitable as an additive for positive and negative electrode materials for energy storage to significantly extend the lifespan of the lithium batteries of a single charge in the early education machine.

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Presently, there are mickle early childhood education machines on the market. Such type of educational electronic products designed to promote children's learning interest could exercise learning ability in all aspects. Many parents consider preparing a child education machine to help their children not to lose on the starting line. There are some tips about purchasing the machine.

First, what's the real attraction behind the early education machine. Besides learning knowledge and developing children's intelligence, the machine also carried with some games, so it should be noted that what the children will do with the machine? learning or playing. Second, when buying early education machines, be careful not to let children focus too much on it. Outdoor activities or interpersonal communications are more indispensable. In general, the education machine can only be used as an auxiliary tool to educate children. Parent's company is vital for them.

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Early education machine must be accompanied with energy conversion during the using process, that is, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, and with the continuous development of battery technology, most of the electrical energy is provided by the lithium batteries.

At present, to further improve the overall quality of lithium batteries, scientists indicate that a small amount of purple tungsten oxide powder should be added to the electrode material to improve the lithium-handling ability of the electrode material. New studies also show that the lithium-ion batteries could have much higher power and recharge far more rapidly using a new class of complex oxide electrodes.

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