Tungsten Disulfide for Aircraft Tail Lubrication

Lubrication of aircraft tail is very important. With good lubricating performance and excellent resistance to high temperature and extreme pressure, tungsten disulfide has high application value in aircraft tail lubrication.

tungsten disulfide image

Aircraft tail is a device to enhance the stability of plane. As an important part of the plane control system, it can control the pitch, yaw and tilt of the plane, so as to change the flight attitude.

There are three types of aircraft tail: horizontal tail, vertical tail and V-tail.

1. Horizontal Tail

Horizontal tail refers to the wing surface that keeps the longitudinal stability of plane. It is symmetrically installed at the tail of the aircraft. Horizontal tail usually consists of stabilizer and elevator. The former, which is fixed, is located in the front of the wing surface, while the latter, which can control the up and down deflection of the plane, is hinged behind of the stabilizer.

2. Vertical Tail

Vertical tail is the wing surface to maintain the balance and stability of the plane. When aircraft landing, its head is tilted upward and its tail is very close to the ground. So vertical tail is only installed at the upper part of the aircraft axis. Like horizontal tail, vertical tail consists of two parts: vertical fin and rudder. Vertical fin is usually fixed in the front of the wing surface. And rudder is often hinged behind the vertical fin to control the deflection. Usually, vertical tail is used to keep turning without sideslip, keep the nose aligned with the runway when landing with crosswind and to balance the asymmetric yawing moment in flight.

aircraft tail image

3. V-Tail

V-tail, which consists of left and right wing surfaces, can be seen as a horizontal tail with large dihedral fixed at the tail of the plane. It can be used as both vertical tail and horizontal tail. The fixed stabilizer and hinged rudder surface constitute this kind of tail. And the left and right wing surfaces with V-shape can play the role of stabilizing.

The tail’s operation is related to many lives on the plane. So it is extremely necessary to lubricate the tail parts regularly. As a high quality and efficient solid lubricating material, tungsten disulfide can be used for aircraft tail lubrication. Usually, the parts coated with tungsten disulfide have a long service life.