Tungsten Disulfide Lubricant Used in Isothermal Forging

Tungsten disulfide lubricant used in isothermal forging is formed by adding nano tungsten disulfide to emulsion. It is a kind of new lubricating material with injection performance, insulating performance, lubricating performance and mold unloading performance.

nano tungsten disulfide photo

Four performance of the lubricant are as follow:

1.Injection Performance

The material with injection performance can be ejected out by pressure. During isothermal forging, tungsten disulfide lubricant is ejected from the spray tank. The nozzle is 15 to 30 cm away from the target. By pressing the pressure valve, the lubricant is directly sprayed on the surface of the target object and adheres to it tightly.

2.Insulating Performance

Insulating performance means heat transfer rejection in the production process. When the friction increases, the temperature of the metal friction surface will rise. The transfer of friction heat to the substrate can be slowed down as nano tungsten disulfide has low thermal conductivity and this process causes local high temperature zone. Tungsten disulfide lubrication film may react rapidly with metal surface at high temperature and pressure to form a new film of ferrous sulfide. The ferrous sulfide film with a high melting and low friction coefficient can reduce the wear between metal surfaces.

tungsten disulfide lubricant image

3.Lubricating Performance

Lubricating performance means small frictional resistance and friction wear. During isothermal forging, tungsten disulfide lubricant can greatly reduce the friction coefficient between metal working parts. So these working parts usually have longer service lives.

4.Mold Unloading Performance 

Two molds can detach from each other easily with performance of mold unloading. When tungsten disulfide lubricant is used in the demoulding of workpiece, the fluidity of workpiece surface is excellent and the forging pressure is low. At the same time, the forging obtained has accurate shape, high dimensional accuracy, smooth surface and no burrs or cracks. In addition, the quality of the one after cleaning meets the requirements as well. Tungsten disulfide lubricant used in isothermal forging is environmentally friendly and does no harm to the human health.