Solid-phase Synthesis of Cesium Tungsten Bronze Powder

Tungsten trioxide has excellent performances in electrochromic, catalytic and gas sensitivity. Tungsten bronze, a composite oxide of tungsten bronze, generally refers to metal oxides with deep metallic luster, and is usually metal conductor or metal semiconductor. Tungsten bronze general AxWO3, however, varies with the type and molar number of cations. The structure and color of the compounds will vary with the different values of A and X.

solid-phase synthesis of cesium-tungsten bronze powder image

At present, potassium cesium tungsten bronze and cesium tungsten bronze are widely used to prepare conductive films and as insulators in transparent glass thermal insulation coatings because of their low resistance, excellent visible light transmittance and near infrared shielding properties.

Some scholars have provided a solid-phase synthesis method of self-vacuum sintered cesium tungsten bronze powder. The specific implementation steps include:

(1)According to W/Cs molar ratio (2-3.5): 1, tungsten compounds and cesium salts are weighed and ground to mix evenly.

(2)The abrasive was packed in a sealed container and reacted in a muffle furnace. The reaction temperature was 750-800 ℃ and the reaction time was 1-2 H.

(3)Blue-black cesium-tungsten bronze powder with complete crystallinity was obtained after reaction.

For the first time, cesium tungsten oxide was synthesized from solid raw materials by direct reaction in sealed container without inert gas or reducing gas. The powder color was blue-black by using NH3, water vapor or CO2 as protective gas, which saved gas source, reduced cost and shortened reaction period. It is suitable for industrial production.